OOUCH! Current and Future Healthcare Challenges for Me!

Hey Everyone,

Despite all the fun times that I had in the Keys last week as you have seen in my recent posts and some more to follow, I regretably and candidly am letting you know that I am currently experiencing 4 healthcare challenges that are on-going that will inhibit my future physical and social activities for awhile.

As you know, I mentioned that I had a mishap while in the Keys by accidentally inflicting trauma to my left leg, when I accidentally took a hard fall into the jacuzzi on the very first day I was there. It was not alcohol related! What happened is while I was just attempting to deep my left foot into the jacuzzi (thought there was a seat ledge around the entire outer edge) to my surprise, thi turned out not to be the case. So as I stepped abruptly into the jacuzzi, my left leg went strait to the bottom of the jacuzzi, while my right one was still at the jacuzzi surface. It caused a hard impact to my left leg which resulted in alot of sesitivity to the back lower quadrant of my left knee, but it didn’t appear that I broke anything and the swelling seemed minimal and I was able to just lymp along in some paim and discomfort for the rest of the week. Didn’t feel it was warranted to pay an ER visit while there, but I did have some concern that it may have loosened up some of the components in the prosthetics in my left knee from my knee replacements. As you know, I had a total left knee replacement back in 2004 and then just two years later a revised knee replscement was required as the original components became loose. When I got home from the Keys I made an urgent appointment with my Ortho Surgeon at tbe VA in Tampa and yesterday after evaluating a new xray and physically examining the area, the doctor determined that I luckily did not break anything but did inflict trauma to the top of my tibia bone where it meets my internal prosthetic devices. The Doctor emphasized his concern that any hard impact in that area could eventually lead to leg amputation, as there is very little bone structure left in my left tibia due to my osteomalasia, osteopenia and arthritus and because of my knee replacement and knee replacemet revision. He indicated since I needed these knee surgeries in my late 40’s and becuse of my fragile bones, the appratus itself or a future trauma of this kind will most likely result in eventual amputation of this leg if I am fortunate to live a long life. After 2 knee replacements. He candidly indiated that there simply isn’t enough bone structure remaining in that area. He ordered me a knee brace that he wants me to ware on my left leg for the next 2 months to promote healing and revalustion theteafter.

Now on to the second issue. When Beau was visiting me a few weeks ago on Friday 5/11 she accompanied me to the VA where I had an appointment with dermatology to continue to deal with my pre-cancerous skin issues to include my keratosis lessions and psoriasis. While there the doctor noted 2 spots on my left leg of concern and decided to do biopsies on them. The results unfortunately came back Mondat as squamos cancer cells close to my tibia bone in my left leg, so she scheduled me for an operative 3-4 hour procedure yesterday to carefully remove the cancer and to minimize as much tissue damage as the specialized dematologist could. It involved several incisions and removal of tissue, an evaluation under the microscope with pathology and contined cutting until pathology could give a thumbs up that all the other tissue cut out showed no more cancerous cells Now I must wear a large bandage and change the dressing in that area each day for the next 2 months until these areas hopefully heal on their own. The picture I’m attaching here is a bit gross, but it is reality. I have had squamos carcenoma on my right thigh 3 three times in the last several years, so I am prone to this. Yes staying outdoors exposed to the sun does not help, but sun exposure reduces my flareups and scaling from my psoriasis condition. So where the sun helps one issue, it causes havock on another. Living in a hot climate like Tampa and in an RV, naturally results in me wanting to spend more time outdoors and it’s hard to do it in long pants and long shirts and I hate hats, they bother my scalp where my psoriasis is the worst.

Third Issue. I am having urology issues where after evaluation tecently, my urologist identified significant scaring tissue formation in the blood vessels in my private area. To prevent future complications, I will be undergoing injection treatments in that area twice weekly for the next 6 months to see if the scaring tissue beneath can be crefully broken down. This treatment has about 30 % chance of success. If after 6 months this doesn’t work, I will have to undergo an operation which will be more evasive and can lead to other complications. Quite honestly, I am not looking forward to all this as I will have to spend so much time with medical appointments and procedures each week. It brings back sad memories of doing this with Terry all of the past 2 years. Because of these treatments, there will be pain, swelling (and not of the good kind!) and alot of brusing in the frontal areas of my body not usually exposed to the sun. So time will tell?

Finally as a 4 th health issue. I forgot to mention to my primary care doctor when I visited her one month ago, that I have been experiencing some pain and discomfort in my throat for the past 6 months. Maybe it’s nothing, but with these recent cancerous cells developing recently, I wondered if I could have throat cancer developing or if something else might be on-going with my throt glands? My primary care MD is referring me to an ENT specialist to futhet evaluate what might be going on. Time will tell. Awaiting schefuling for that appointment.

So, as I said, won’t be able to do too many strenous activities over the next six months and my beach and water activities (boating, kayaking) etc, won’t happen any time soon and naturally right at the time that thepeak of summer is happening.

Oh well, it is what it is. I’ll just do the best that I can to remain socially as active as I can, but within limitations…will be a rough six months ahead I will admit !

I will remain as flexible and positive as I can be. What else can I do.

Have a great weekend.

Luv Gary

11 thoughts on “OOUCH! Current and Future Healthcare Challenges for Me!

  1. Oh Gary! This is not what I wanted to read and certainly not what you wanted to write. You are candid and truthful just like your beloved Terry. But unlike him you are going to be well again. Your leg looks ghastly it is true but they will sort it. You will wear the ugly brace to help your knee (and look before you leap in future … be the last in, please so that you know exactly how the land lies) and although it is unpleasant I am certain the injections will help the issue in your personal area. Your throat remains to be seen but if it is the worst, I can tell you that my daughter’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with throat cancer in Britain, was treated on the NHS and is now in her third cancer free year. And so it would be for you but I am hopeful that it is something else that is causing the issue. You and I will chat on Monday but in the meantime know that I am sending your the warmest hugs through the ether and that I have a strong and bloody mind which means my healing thoughts are so strong that no bastard illness will dare mess with me!


  2. I am so glad that you are receiving great medical care and that you are taking care of each issue! It cannot be fun but you are facing it head on and dealing with it. It seems like many things hit at once! Take care and thinking of you Gary xx


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