Florida Keys Trip – Day 2 (Part 2) You Don’t Want To Miss This One!

Hey Everyone,

This blog with concentrate on the events on the evening of Day 2 in the Keys. It was the night that we had a fabulous pot luck dinner followed by a night of celebrity skits put on by members within the Trailblazers Group. I took so many photos and videos to capture the evening. Not sure how many of the videos will download directly to this blog, so for some of the longer ones I may have to post them first on you-tube and then share them to the wordpress site as seperate blogs as Part 3, Part 4, etc for Day 2. I want to get all the rest of Day 2 posted this evening because, I need to free up space on my cell for more new photos.

I know you will all enjoy the photos and videos.

I’ll going to stop writing here and begin attaching the pictures and video clips, as the saying goes….pictures speak a thousand words and seeing is believing!

Luv Gary

In the 4 pictures above we are building a cart for the celebrity skit that I was in.

This photo should give you a clue. Yabba Dabba Do!

Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 from Get Smart

I Love Lucy

Marilyn Monroe

Girls Have Gotta Have Fun


Gladys Knight (in drag) and the Pips

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