Florida Keys Trip- Day 2 (Part 3)

Hey All,

Had to only do one seperate blog via YouTube to cover the last act from the events on the evening of Day 2 in the Florida Keys. All the others successfully posted to Day 2 (Part 2) in the other blog I published forst. This seperte video is a comedy act and the entertainer is from the hit song Copa Cabana. Lola was hilarious. The video is about 6 minutes long but well worth viewing. Enjoy Gary

10 thoughts on “Florida Keys Trip- Day 2 (Part 3)

  1. That was SO worth the wait. She is absolutely hilarious! 🤣. The line about the remote and then the Super Sex and he’ll take the soup – very very funny lady x


    • Osyth, Yes, she was funny. Did you l ike all the videos and pics from Day 2 (part 2). We went all out in making the skits fun. You will also like the Fri (Day 3) Key West excursion and the Sat (Day 4) Dragon Boat Races and evening Luau. Willl develop and post them over the weekend or early next week. You won’t be disappointed. Are you back home from your Baltimore/DC trip? If your time permits give me a call on my cell 214-405-7114. Would love to chat and find out what you thought about those areas. Will be around since I am taking it easy from my health issues and procedures I went thru yesterday. Luv Gary

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      • Gary I loved them all and I could have rambled on for pages in detail but I thought I had better keep my comment relatively brief in case people thought you had a nutter on the loose! I am back from the trip and I will give you a call Monday if I may? This weekend is solid with yard work so a little difficult to fit in relaxed time to chat. You can tell me all about what is going on with you or nothing at all …. but whatever, it is so great to be here and able to just give you a ring rather more easily! Much love to you and take it gently xx


        • Okay Osyth. Concentrate on your yard work, especially if your weather will be favorable. I know you have alot of work to do to acclimate back to your home and the USA. No rush, just call whenever you’re able. Mon or later is fine. You can call any hour, I’m an early riser and a night owl, so the window’s wide open. Looking forwars to hearing about


          • Hurrah. That’s the thing – the weather forecast is very good for the weekend and we have so much work to do. But, as my epitaph will say because I have said it about so many places I have breathed life back into, ‘it WILL be beautiful’.


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