Florida Keys Trip – Day 3

Friday was designated as “Key West Day”. There were no formal group activities planned directly at The Coco Plum Resort in Marathon.

Some people in the mid-morning went on a long group walk over the 7 mile bridge, while others ventured off to do some boating, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling or shopping in and around the local area.

There were others including Beau and I who just decided to relax for the morning by the private beach and pool. My left leg that morning was hurting and since Beau was currently being titrated to the appropriate doses of coumadin (a blood thinner) we thought it best to just relax awhile.

There were a bunch of folks that were planning to drive to Key West that afternoon to go on a sunset/dinner cruise. The cost was a bit pricy, Beau indicated that she had taken that trip before and that the trip was just okay and the food was just so-so and since I do so much sailing anyways in Tampa Bay and see so many sunsets on the water, I really didn’t have any great interest (like Beau) to spend most of out time in Key West on a boat.

What Beau and I decided to do was to just take a leisurely drive to Key West that afternoon and do some walking around (within my limitations) watch some of the street acts in Mallory Square and to spend some time on Duval Street which is a busy and popular nightlife area comprised of many bars, restaurants and shops.

When we were driving to Key West along route 1 Beau was disappointed that the famous “land mark zero” sign when entering Key West was missing. That sign was destroyed during last year’s hurricines in September and had never been replaced. Including a previous picture that Beau sent me of that sign.

Before we headed for Mallory Square, Beau and I were getting a bit hungry so we decided to go ahead and first get a bite to eat. Beau once again took me to one of her favorite restsurants and footed the bill! She took me to “Publix Grocery Store” to their de lu counter where were got one of those delicious submarine sandwishes, chips and a vouple og drinks. We then drove to the parking lot at the public Marina and ate our dinner right on the cement wall whete fishermen cut up their catch for the day and which overlooks the water. To make things elegant we covered the wall with a table cloth. Beau eats so little so I polished off 3/4th’s of the sub and she ate only 1/4.

So now we were off to Mallory Square to “people watch” and to view the street acts that usually occur there late in the afternoon at sunset. Below I will attempt to include several of the street act videos I took. Once again, if any of the video clips won’t download directly here due to their length, then I may have to share a couple of them first to “youtube” and then send each as a seperate post entiled Keys Trip – Day 3 (Part 2. 3, 4, etc). There is probably an easier way to do this, but remember I am not technology savay. Oh well…whatever works?

Photo taken of Beau and I at the furthest most southern point in the U.S. and about 60 miles from Cuba.


One more photo of street actors from Mallory Square.

Okay, now for the challenge. Don’t know if you recall a photo I included in a former post I did from my Key West trip last February when I visited my friends Jim and Josette. On that trip they gave me the “nickle” tour of Key West and the surrounding area. One of the places they pointed out was the clothing optional roof top bar above the Whistle Bar on Duval Street. In a joking way, I started to lift my shirt and made a bet with them that for $100 I would go up to that top floor and totally go naked, but then I decided that I would just do that challenge on my next trip as it was getting late and they wanted to catch a happy hour special for dinner. Well……..It’s my next visit!

So, the question I ask you all…..did Beau and I go up to the to the roof top bar called ” The Garden of Eden” and do as Adam and Eve did…strip down to nothing? I will reveal the answer in a forthcomming blog after I look at your comments and tally the votes.

Okay….About all for now. Have a great weekend!

Luv, Gary

11 thoughts on “Florida Keys Trip – Day 3

  1. Key West is on OUR LIST, and now you have really sealed the deal! Thank you so much for sharing all of your adventures! I adore street performers, and these look like such fun! As for my vote, I say you went up there…completely stripped? – Not so sure! ~ Lynn


  2. Good call to miss the boat and go to Mallory Square … what an amazing place. I can’t pick a favorite amongst all the acts although I do love a juggler and I am always quite alarmed by sword swallowers but that balance act – wow! What strength that fellow has AND he talked all the way through. Lovely, lovely pictures and I am so glad you threw a table cloth on the concrete for your impromptu picnic sub lunch. It certainly does look enormous so chapeau to you for eating 3/4 and I am not surprised that the little sparrow (la petite moineau) who is Beau only consumed 1/4! Now for your challenge … yes – hands down yes!


  3. Jealous!!!

    (Also, the Mile 0 sign is still there (the one in your post) – it’s on Whitehead Street. I walked by it several times in February. I think there is another one that is missing, but it’s a different one on U.S. 1 as you come into town that was large.)


    • Thanks for the info Sarah about the sign on Whitehead, I’ll ley Beau know. She sent me the picture of the one on my blog. Just assumed there was only one on Hwy 1. Not having been to Key West before the hiurricaine, had no idea what it looked like before.

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