Florida Keys Trip – Day 4 (Part 1)

Hey All,

For this blog I will share with you my adventures with Beau on Saturday morning. In my next post, I will share with you some wonderful pictures and videos from our luau that evening. It was a beautiful evening and very festive. Everyone dressed up for the Island theme.I hope you enjoy both blogs.

On Saturday morning after eating some homebaked cornbread and a wonderful breakfast burrito that Beau made, she suggested that instead of just relaxing by the pool that morning, why not take a short ride to Sombrero Beach in Marathon where they were having their annual dragon boat race competitions. It sounded good to me as the weather looked perfect, so off we went. Enjoy the videos and photos that I took of that area. It was well worth the trip!

This video doesn’t exist

Beau taking a dip in the water. This picture of her reminded me of Bo Derek in the old 1979 American Romatic Comedy Film “10”. Interesting they both had the same first names,but spelled differently!

The next pictures below are kind of cool as on one part of the beach they had these neat rocks with alot of craters,,,,it felt like I was walking on the moon!

7 thoughts on “Florida Keys Trip – Day 4 (Part 1)

  1. I have never done dragon boat racing though they do it on the river Thames which I always lived near when I lived in England. I was, like you a rower though. In fact I was an International rowing for Great Britain in my time. I would love to row on The Charles – she is a mighty beast of a river. But in fact, with $1M at stake, maybe I might think that a crew of fit veterans to take on the world dragon boat contest next year is a better idea!!!! Beau really does look for all the world like that iconic moment with Bo Derek in ’10’ … I loved that movie but I don’t think I could have passed for Bo then and I certainly couldn’t now. go Beau!!!


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