Florida Keys Trip – Day 4 (Part 2)

Hey All,

You are in for a real treat with this blog. Decided to go ahead and publish it early, since I was in the mood for writing it. It contains alot of videos and pictures from our Saturday evening Luau at the beautiful Coco Plum Resort where we were staying in Marathon, Fl

The food for this event was catered and we had live music. Although i couldn’t do to much dancing, I couldn’t resist doing the twist and I even got a chance to sing a little bit with the guy providing the live music. Everyone had a great time!

I have to publish a few of the longer videos via youtube first and then to share them back to word press as seperate posts, as they wouldn’t directly upload to this blog. So there will be a Florida Keys Trip – Day 4 (Part 3, 4, 5 and 6) to complete the Luau event. These seperate videos are fun worth watching!

Luv, Gary

Beau out of the shower getting ready for the party.

All changed and ready to have fun at the party!

People lining up in the food line.




20180602_1936251214218956.jpgThis guy is 86 years old and hilarious and just enjoying life and living for the moment.


This was Pebbles in our Flintstone skit from the other day.

Thus girl does a beautiful Hawain Dance in a seperate video.

Fred and Wilma from our Flintstone skit from the other day.

This couple is getting married in a couple of weeks so the group got them a cake.


Lola the comedian from the talent show from the other video.

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