Florida Keys Trip – Day 5 (Part 2)

Okay All,

Remember the photo I included in Day 3 from the “Garden of Eden”

Well below is the big reveal!

Ha….You were all wrong!!! Should have taken real $ bets !! The house (that’s me) would have taken all as you all said “YES–That we got natural.

Now just to let you know when Beau and I ventured up to that roof top bar there were folks in their natural attire. The establishment didn’t allow photos to be taken except in the one corner of the bar where the sign of the Garden of Eden was where we took our photo. While we were sitting at the bar one of the naturilist chated with us for a while like anyone would in a bar. He was totally comfortable just hanging there in the buff and it didn’t bother me or Beau.  Believe it or not, he was a lawyer from Tampa! That man actually was nice to offer to take the photos of Beau and myself  as it was hard for me to do a selfie. Aftet we finished, he was also gracious to offer to pose with Beau for a photo shot. For obvious reasons….I had to crop the photo a bit.

Beau liked his hat. As the night went on, more people hung around in the buff. Very interesting. Everyone was nice and it was just like being in any other bar. An old man to the right of us at the bar chatted with us for a while. He indicated that he hangs out there often (okay…maybe a bad choice of words). Let’s just say that he was a regular customer there ! He said that some nights up there that’s all you see are sausages and on other nights that’s all you see are double helpings of sunny side up eggs and at other times there is a mix of both… kind of like a mixed breakfast buffet. Very interesting analogy.

Okay, this pretty much closes out my blog series on my recent Florida Keys trip. Hope you all enjoyed the write ups, photos and videos and that you almost felt like you were there with us all.

Have a great week!

Luv,  Gary

10 thoughts on “Florida Keys Trip – Day 5 (Part 2)

  1. We used to call this ‘being in your birthday suit’ …. I rather like the expression. And it is true that naturists don’t do it for sexual reasons but just because they like it. For the record, I would have chosen to stay decorously clad as you too did. But damnit it I thought I had won the prize with my bet!!


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