Florida Keys Trip – Day 5 (Part 1) (VIEW & ANSWER QUESTION IN DAY 3 VIDEO FIRST!) “Big Iquana” (or not ?) to be revealed in this post”


Okay all,

Now that iI got your attention and you’ve answered the poll question in my Florida Keys Trip – Day 3, I will reveal to you the “Big Iquana” literally. Ha …Got you here! I know this isn’t what you were expecting as you were thinking about “The Garden of Eden”!

The above video of the “Big Iquana” was actually filmed while at happy hour at one of Beau’s favorite places in Marathon, FL called “Sparky’s”. During happy hour besides reasonable priced drinks you can get large raw shimp or chicken wings/drumsticks with buffalo sauce for only 30 cents each. Quite a deal. While we were sitting at the outside bar, there were all kinds of Iquanas looking up at us begging for food. We started throwing them shimp shell scraps and they loved it. It was alot of fun watching them fight for the food.

In the morning on Sunday, we did some washing of clothes and spent some time until early afternoon by the pool and then went to Sparky’s. Later that evening we put most of our belongings back into our cars and then spent a few hours in the resort hot tub with friends from the group. The plan was to get on the road early the next day. Me for my 7 hour trip back to Tampa and Beau for her 5 hour trip back to Melbourne.

Okay … now let’s get back to what you were waiting for….the big question did we get natural in the rooftop of “The Garden of Eden” or not?

Will reveal the answer after a station break. Sorry having some technical difficulties loading more photos on WordPress. I will have to delete some in the media library first. When resolved I will do a Day 5 (Part 2) blog. I sound like a host on one of the game shows….everyone is waiting to find out about the finalist that won and they go into a station break or commercial first. Sorry!

4 thoughts on “Florida Keys Trip – Day 5 (Part 1) (VIEW & ANSWER QUESTION IN DAY 3 VIDEO FIRST!) “Big Iquana” (or not ?) to be revealed in this post”

  1. Shrimp eating Iguanas – who knew? To be fair I haven’t ever given much if any thought to what Iguana’s do eat but I wouldn’t have guessed Shrimp shells. They are adorable. I love lizards though I have never been up close with a really big one. and dammit now I have to wait for the answer to the burning question … never mind – this was all a mighty good distraction!


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