“TGINTOT” is now my new replacement phrase for “TGIF”. Hopefully you will figure out what it stands for by the end of this post.

I went through my 1st round of injections in the urology day surgery clinic this week for medical issues that have recently developed in an area not usually exposed to the sun. I experienced the worst pain that I have ever experienced to this point in my life.  All other medical procedures in the past do not compare to this!. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy! I get to look forward to going thru this same medical procedure twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays for possibly the next six months and then I might need to go thru an extensive operation if these weekly procedures do not gradually correct the problem.

Think of my affected organ as a road that has had an unexpected and sudden disruption lets say due to a tornado or some other weather phenominum that is now in need of repair. The construction engineers after assessing the issue might first try to remove any physical debris on a portion of the road so that traffic may once again move more directly and efficiently as it always did in the past, rather than having to be diverted in another temporary direction which is less optimal. The engineers must be very careful when removing the debris and probing thru the affected road surface to ensure stability, especially since underneath that road there are many utility pipes, electrical wires, ect; They need to correct the road issues as quickly as they can, but not too hastily to avoid hitting the utility lines and plumbing below which could make things much worse or lead to other problems.

Some concrete drilling equipment might need to be used to break up some of the hard arears on the road that were damaged from the larger or heavier items that may have become imbeaded into the original road service.

Hopefully after all these debris are broken up and removed, “the road” may once again return to its regular direction rather than to require the temporary diversion that is now required to do as a results of the weather issues that had disrupting it. However if the small probing and cutting in portions of the road turns out to be ineffective in correcting the traffic issue flow, then the engineers might have to regroup and to consider another future alternative. They might eventually have to take a much larger section of the road totally out where the damage originally occurred and to do a much greater and extensive repair to that area to bring the road totally back to its normal state. However, the engineers prefer to go the alternative and more costly repair at a later point in time only if it becomes absolutely necessary.

So goes the status of one of my health issues.  Time will tell ?

Have a great weekend!


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    • Thanks Kerry. It’s not actually kidney stones. It’s a thick scaring tissue that has formed internally that we are trying to get dissolved over time to prevent further issues. Trying to svoid an intensive operation.

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