Baby Alert – I’m a Proud Godfather of Twins Again!

Remember my blogs about the mother bird who has been living in my front hitch space since Easter just shortly after my return to Tampa? She is a baby machine. First 4 baby birds born on Terry’s birthday. Then since one of those babies hung around with Mom so long, I named him Terry Jr. The other 3 (named after Terry’s siblings Larry, Mike and Sherry, left the coup much earlier). Then shortly after Terry Jr. flew the coup about 1 month later just after I placed Terry’s 2 stuffed animals on the shrine of the mother and baby that was killed by a speeding driver along Bayshore Blvd (along my bike route) when I returned home that day, I was blessed with 2 new baby birds which I named after the 2 people killed. I think it was Terry’s spirity thar made that happento let me know he was pleased that I donated his stuffed animals to that shrine (which incidentally still is there along Bayshore). Then on Sunday (on Terry’s oldest son Timothy’s birthday) 2 more new baby birds were born! So, I thought it fitting to name one of the new baby birds Timothy Jr (after Terry’s son) and then the other Logan Jr after Tery’s grandson. Remember in a very old post I wrote that about a month before Terry died his oldest son and grandson paid a short visit and at that time Logan brought Terry a hand-painted birdhouse that he made in school. I told you back then that I put sone of Terry’s ashes in that birdhouse and placed it at that time in the tree on our lot where Terry died and simultaneosly wrote that poem entitled “A Yellow Canary Named Terry”, that eventually was accompanied by a beautiul hand-painted yellow canary graciously and lovingly painted in memory of Terry.

Although the mother bird chose my hitch space to make so many offspring (I think to keep me comforted) I did place a small amount of Terry’s ashes in that hitch space as soon as I saw that bird nesting. So, as these baby birds spread their wings (aa did the others) and aa they make a new life for themselves, don’tbe surprised if one of them stops by your yards in the future as it could be Terry’s spirit stopping by to say hi! Notice that the mother bird has a yellow tint. Coincidence or not?

Luv Gary

In the attached photo the 2 small baby birds are resting just below their proud mother’s breast.

10 thoughts on “Baby Alert – I’m a Proud Godfather of Twins Again!

  1. Terry keeps on reminding that he is right there by your side. He won’t ever leave you and his spirit will keep on flying with these birdies to keep you in his sights and make sure you are safe. I think that he is particularly vigilant just now because he knows you are going through a lot of pain and discomfort and unpleasant medical procedures.


  2. Oh Gary – you are making me tear up with this sentimental sweetness. How nature and the loving spirit of Terry are surrounding you with love and joy!!! Sending hugs!


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