Let’s Drink Some Fine Wine at The Strong Tower Vineyard and Winery

Hey All,

After having had a nice country cooked lunch at Cafe’ Masarytown and then getting a chance to go to Sweetfields Farm to experience the Sunflower Maze and to get a chance to go on a hay ride and to bond with all my animal friends (see previous blogs) the group went late that afternoon to The Strong Tour Vineyard and Winery to sample some wonderful wines. This was the first winery where every wine I sampled was so perfect! There wasn’t any that I disliked. After trying a bunch of them, a girl from the group and I decided to buy a nice bottle of rose’ and to share it outside on the back veranda. It was a perfect end to a day that was filled with so many fun activities.

Okay… bottle’s empty….time to go home and call it a night!

Luv Gary

24 thoughts on “Let’s Drink Some Fine Wine at The Strong Tower Vineyard and Winery

  1. First of all, I forgot yesterday to say how much I enjoyed seeing the Hay Ride. As you know, it is on my US bucket list to do one myself and you reminded me that I need to seek one out before the year gets too old! Now. The Vineyard. This really is speaking my language … have I told you that husband and I plan to grow some vines and make wine when he is retired? Well, we do. But first we will be experimenting (in the interests of Science, you understand) with making wine from juice (not concentrate) and even before that we are doing much pre-research (in the interests of Science, you understand) in the drinking of it. Because how will we know what grape we favor if we don’t get down and dirty with every flavor?
    That place looks fabulous … I love the writings on the walls.


    • Yes you definitely need to do a Hay Ride. There should be a lot of them coming up in your next of the woods in the fall when the leaves turn and it cools down again. As for the wine making….in the sprit of science I would not mind being one of you official wine tasters (strictly for science of course). Yes, I loved the décor in the wine shop. Lots of interesting things to look at. Have a great day and stand by for another set of fun Pics and videos starting this evening from some stuff I did this past weekend even though I had to keep my leg wounds bandaged up and continue limping around because of my tibia bone injury. Naturally, indulging in some alcohol helped to relieve some of the pain of course!

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