Pride Parade 2018 – Saint Petersburg, FL

Hey All,

In the last several posts I have been blogging about several past meetups that I attended prior to my May 30th to June 4th Keys Trip.

As prevously blogged, with all my on-going health issues since returning back to Tampa, I just haven’t had the drive or the strength to participate in any new meetups or other social events and thus, have been pretty much just keeping to myself lately.

In addition, the months of June thru August will be the hardest for me emotionally, as during these same three months last year, I painfully and helplessly watched Terry’s health deteriorate so horribly to the very end, and frustrated that I couldn’t reverse this terrible disease and to make him well. Needless to say …. it is bringing back many sad memories for me.

Despite all my recent physical and renewed emotional set-backs, this past weekend, I decided to bandage up my leg and to get out of my slump a bit and to go to Saint Petersburg to participate in some of the key activities of pride weekend there. They say that Saint Pete has the largest Pride weekend in the whole State of Florida and it brings into town an addtional 250,000 plus people. These Pride activities have now become such “family friendly” events and are designed to celebrate diversity, inclusion and love of the neighbor from all walks of life. It is a uplifting experience.

I will include a few still photos in this blog from the Parade from this past Saturday and then, because of my max capacity glitch in the word press media library, I will have to share the videos by first publishing them on “you tube” and then sending each video clip back to word press as seperate blogs. For these videos, I will keep the same title as in this first blog, but will add Video 1, 2 etc. to the end of the subsequent posts. No need to comment on each individual video unless you want to comment on something as there will be a bunch of them (About 20). Enjoy the show!


15 thoughts on “Pride Parade 2018 – Saint Petersburg, FL

  1. I’m very glad that you went to Saint Pete for the Pride celebrations. Terry would have loved it and was right there with you all the way. It looks a wonderful day and I hope it was some sort of panacea to the pain you are suffering both physically with the treatments you are enduring for your own health issues and emotionally as you reach the anniversary of the worst of Terry’s suffering before he passed in your arms. You are a brave and special man, Gary and Terry was lucky to have been loved by you as we are to have you in our lives.

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  2. It looks like I have a lot of videos to watch today!

    Gary, please know if you’re ever having a bad day and want someone to talk to or text (or send you pictures of a dog dressed up in clothing), please do call or text me. While I still miss Terry terribly, I do know one good thing that has come of his passing – getting to know you better. Please do not ever hesitate to drop me a line if you are feeling down.


    • Sarah,
      Sorry I had to send them separately in small individual blogs via you-tube. I wish I could have put them easily in my original blog but my media library space seems to be maxed out. The videos are each very short. Most less than 30 secs each. Please don’t feel a need to watch all of them. They are mainly there for your enjoyment if you want to check them out at your leisure and no need to comment on each of them which would be cumbersome.

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