Three Out of Four Ain’t Bad

Hey Everyone,

Went to a 4- pub crawl on Saturday evening in St Pete with The Tampa Bay Adventurers Meetup Group. The event started at 5 Pm, but I linked up with the group at the 2nd place as I couldn’t get there until later that evening. The video is from The Canopy Rooftop Bar over-looking St Pete. The second place we went to was The Ford’s Cafe which had great automobile decor. Then we all went to a place called Ringside to dance the night away to the of a popular local band. Fun night with great people.

21 thoughts on “Three Out of Four Ain’t Bad

  1. 3 out of 4 seems a pretty good score to me …. 75% in fact 🤓 And so long as you had fun, that really is the main thing. The crowd look very chilled out and relaxed and you and that beer look pretty wedded so all is good 🍻

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  2. It’s interesting that you look sad in the first photo, Gary, and very happy and excited thereafter. Is that because you are becoming a real pub crowler, and missing the first one was too disappointing? Just kidding! Glad you had a good time, and will definitely visit that car bar next time we are there.


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