And The Winner Is…..?”

How do you like this guy’s pick summer suit? I guess appropriate here in the weltering summer heat of Tampa, Fl! The guy was actually from the Florida State Lottery and they were having some promotional giveaways in Tampa on this past Saturday morning. Of course I was not the winner, but it was fun anyways.

I meetup with one of my meetup groups on Saturday morning at a new and upscale food court “Armature Works” in an old refurbished cigar factory in Tampa. The plan was to walk about 2 miles along the beautiful riverwalk to the Amalie Arena. The members in the group planned to purchase group tickets for a huge 80’s concert to be held in mid September. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this concert as I plan to be out of town the entire month of September visiting my Mom and younger brother in Fort Walton Beach, Fl leaving my RV in storage. (Note: Air Force base rules say that you can only stay in the RV park for 6 consecutive months, but then must leave for 30 days before returning for another 6 months). So, as much as I hate to do this, I must follow the rules. I just went along with the group on Saturday to enjoy the walk and then to eventually make it back to the upscale food court at the other end of the riverwalk for lunch with the group.

After the tickets were purchased and we were enroute back to our starting point, we unexpectantly came upon this event being sponsored by the Florida State Lottery. The largest prize on the wheel was a $ 500 Amex card. Winning tickets were picked each 5 minutes from the jar with a chance then to spin the wheel. You would think that someone within our small group would have gotten one of the winning tickets to take a spin on that wheel, but none of us ended up being lucky. However, as I said earlier a nice diversion along our walk just the same.

Have a great rest of your week!


15 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…..?”

  1. That is quite a suit! I’m glad you had such an enjoyable walk and hope that your Tuesdays and Thursdays are proving a little less painful with time ….


      • I’m sorry to hear that, Gary. Really sorry. Time will tell, of course but it is horrible to have to endure an acutely painful procedure twice a week seemingly almost for no gain.


        • I know….It is torture. However, not as bad as what Terry was going thru at this very time last year. He was pretty much helpless by this time in Aug of 2018 and confined to the recliner, hospital or hospice and dependent on me for everything (to include lifting him on a portable toilet) which I am sure was a lot worse that my medical issues. I am looking at my problems as a glass half full in comparison to Terry’s stuff last year. Could be much worse, I guess.

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          • That is a brave and commendable attitude and I applaud you for it. Having been Terry’s carer through his last dreadful illness so recently you might be forgiven for being ‘woe is me’. That you are trying so hard to see the bright side and comparing yours to a worse situation makes me very proud to be your friend. I send you my warmest hugs as some sort of meagre consolation for what you are going through 🤗


  2. Suit is … well… Floridian, as flamingo is a symbol of Fla lottery, so I am wondering why the guy is not standing on one foot. For this gig, he should’ve practiced the tree pose!
    I am happy that you are having a good time, Gary, and bravely taking walks with a bandaged leg, but I am concerned about your pain and the fact that the procedure does not seem to bee effective!
    Praying for your health, dear friend!


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