Hanging Out Early Saturday Evening at The Island Grill in Tierra Verde, FL

Hey All,

On Saturday afternoon when becomming a bit bored, I decided at the last moment to get into my truck and to drive to Tierra Verde (a suburb of St Pete) and to meet up with my Tampa Bay Adventure friends at The Beat The Heat Pool Party at the Island Grill. The drive from MacDill AFB to this place was almost 1 hour, but I have to keep motivating myself to get out with people and to not become content with just sitting around in the RV by myself and watching TV. The problem is when I do not get out (other than going daily to the gym and taking my long afternoon bike rides,) I tend to get a bit depressed and then get a bit restlesss and start binge eating everything (and not the healthy stuff) all night long, that I have in the fridge and in my kitchen cabinets. Then the next day, I usually feel misearable and pay the penalty by doing 2 hours of vigorous exercising in the gym in the morning and 2 hours of intense bike riding in the afternoon. It’s a vicious cycle for me! So…..better for me to just get out and about with people. It’s good for me to do this. So off I went!

This event on early Saturday evening was fun. We had about 100 members from the group that showed up. Even though the establishment was originally having this special event to celebrate their new pool just built adjacent to the bay and the marina, the pool opening ran into some snags having to do with getting the final inspections and permits from the city. So although the pool looked nice and was full with water, people couldn’t swim in it yet, until the inspections happen and permits are completete. Despite all this…the party went on and we all had a good time socializing with one another.

Including just a few still Pics below. The first one you might find interesting, as I met my identical twin brother at this meetup while I was having a convesatiom with a siamese twin girl from the group.


Have a great week.


The host had a best lipstick contest going on while at the meetup where the women in the group pasted an imprint of their lips on this blow up corona plane. The designated judges then picked the best one for a prize.

Cool restroom sign above.

9 thoughts on “Hanging Out Early Saturday Evening at The Island Grill in Tierra Verde, FL

  1. What Derrick said. It’s really hard to motivate yourself when you are on your own but you are doing it. You are tough, Gary. Terry is so proud of you, I know he is. So proud that he sent a whole host of Turtles to show you he is right there even when you can’t see him.


  2. so glad you have these meetups and friends to go to!!! had me going with the “siamese twins!” Terry would want you to be happy Gary. Day at a time. keep on keepin’ on!! hugs!


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