My New Pets !

Hey All,

As I was sitting outside of my Rv relaxing on Monday evening after having just returned from my daily bike ride, I had a new friend come to visit me!

Meet “?” the Armadillo. He stopped by my yard for a little dinner and I offered him a nice large green salad to munch on! He was so pre-occupied while eating that he didn’t mind me getting up and close to him to be filmed.

Then as I looked to my left, there on that section of my grass was “Peter Cottontail”. That little bunny rabbit has been stopping by my place each day around this time of the day for the last week or so and I’ve been feeding him his daily carrots. Sorry, don’t have a video yet on “Peter” as he just moves too fast for me and it’s hard to focus in on him with my cell phone camera, as he hops all over the place.

Then, just to the rear of me is my little “Rocky” the Squirrel. He also stops by here each evening for his ritz cracker evening treat.

I think I can now officially designate my space as an “Animal Food Court”!

Now that “mama bird” is gone from the hitch crevice in the front of my RV and all her babies (of which there were many since Easter) have all flown the coop, having these new pets to stop by to visit me is a welcome treat.

Don’t know if this is Terry’s spirit sending me these new friends to keep me company or if it is Roxy (my former doggy’s) spirit or maybe it is a team effort by both of them? Who knows?

To end this blog here…..I need your help to pick a suitable name for my new friend the Armadillo. Send me your suggestions after your read this blog so that I can officially give him a good name as I officially welcome him to my neighborhood and yard. Thanks

Have a great day! Off to the VA this morning for my terrible Tuesday twice a week procedure. Oh what fun!

Luv, Gary

14 thoughts on “My New Pets !

  1. Oh toooooo cute! I have never seen an armadillo but as Chatty Kerry knows I have an acute desire to. So this has made my day. And the bunny and the squirrel. I think Roxy is playing a part in a conspiracy with Terry to surround you with their spirits in lots of cute, friendly animals to keep you company. As to a name … I think Sherman because it is an armoured vehicle 😃


  2. Gary, I love your new pets!! Armadillos are my FAVORITE. You need to choose something Spanish – Armando, perhaps?? The baby dove is so cute with her Mama. I love squirrels despite all the ‘barking’. I need to catch up and see what your procedure is but I am taking life slowly. K x


    • I think for the most part they are. They generally try to avoid people and usually just run away. This one was so pre-occupied with eating that he didn’t mind me filming him. The 1st time I ever saw one was back in 1979 when living in San Antonio , Tx going thru my officer basic course. Being from Massachusetts I never encountered one of these animals and was so intriged. They are prevalent in Tx and in other southern states, don’t think they live anywhere up north.

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  3. I do think that Terry is sending you new friends to keep you company, Gary. You keep referring to the Armadillo as “he,” but the video does not indicate that. If you are sure it’s male, how about Armand (French, rather than Spanish)? The founder of my birthplace, Odessa, was Duke Armand du Plessis de Richelieu, a nephew of the famous cardinal. Perhaps you new friend is as smart as both of them? And if it’s a girl, how about Amanda, which means love?


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