Don’t Worry….Be Happy

Thought I’d start of the week by sending you this impromptu video I took at a place called Sloppy Joes in Treasure Island this past Friday.

The kids were so cute just dancing away to the music. Pay particular attention to the dance moves of the little girl to the right especially after her Mom turns her arround about 1/3 rd of the way thru the short video. Is this little girl’s dancing cute or what?

Have a great week!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Worry….Be Happy

  1. What a little darling! All of them are so sweet but the little one is like a baby Betty Boop with her huge dark eyes and cheeky expression! Have a good week, my friend. I hope it brings you moments of joy in the mire that is your grief and personal discomfort at the moment xoxo


      • Don’t feel you have to be upbeat. Your life is not always upbeat and as your friend, I would rather know when you need that little extra boost of support so that I can be appropriate. ‘Just do you’ as my number three daughter is fond of saying to me when I think I’m getting it all wrong (which is most of the time!). Hugs from here xoxo


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