A Visit From An Angel This Past Weekend

This past weekend I had a special visit from an Angel. This angel did not have any wings, but she did wear a very nice sun hat. This angel’s name is my good friend “Beau”!

As you know in one of my recent posts entitled, “Two Years Ago Today”, although it was my 62 nd birthday, it was also the 2 year anniversary of Terry and I selling our house in Dallas, Tx and departing on that very day to begin what we originally thought would be our great travel adventure. As you know…our original travel plans changed dramatically as a result of Terry’s failing health. As I reflected on my birthday about the 2 years that had just passed and all the life changing events that have occurred in that short time period… it made me sad. Knowing that Terry really never had that chance to live that adventure that we had been so excited about and now living alone and undergoing several medical challenges, it seems that my drive to do any extensive traveling right now has faded for me. Just don’t have the drive.

Beau sensing my recent depression, decided to get into her car this past Friday and to make the 4-hour hour drive from the Melbourne/Cocoa Beach area to Tampa to spend the weekend with me and to celebrate my 62nd birthday.

Just making this visit would have been enough, but Beau being the “giving” and “caring” person that she is came here bearing gifts.

She presented me wih a beautiful birthday card, a huge birthday cake (which I admit I ate 2/3rds of it myself in just 2 days), a beautiful gift basket with all kinds of assorted treats, and she even bought us a pass to hit several major attractions in the Tampa area to keep us on the go during her visit to include the Aquarium, Busch Gardens, etc.

In this post, I will only concentrate on the brief trip we made on Friday afternoon to the Tampa aquarium and do a couple follow-on posts later this week on some of our other adventures while Beau visited with me.

I am including a selfi video that I did while at the Aquarium, but I must apologize for my gum chewing while doing it, so parts of the video might be a bit distracting ….sorry. No gum chewing next time!

All in all….A wonderful weekend visit from one of God’s living angels named “Beau”!

Have a great rest of your week



13 thoughts on “A Visit From An Angel This Past Weekend

  1. I am so glad Beau made that long trip for your birthday. She is a truly beautiful person inside and out and her supreme act of true friendship makes my heart swell with delight that such good exists in this world. To have taken you from the depths of despair and sadness to happiness at this time is a gift in itself. The lovely cake and card and passes and basket of goodies and her presence gave you a wonderful weekend when you thought it was going to be so hard.


  2. Oh Gary – how wonderful for you to have found such an angel friend in Beau! What an amazing gift to you! If I could hug her and thank her I would!!! Happy Birthday dear friend! Cherish the moments!!! xo ❤


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