Busch Gardens Visit with Beau and Mark

Hey All,

Last Saturday when Beau was visiting we went to Busch Gardens in Tampa, Fl for the day. My friend Mark came along with us. Beau and I met Mark last time that she had visited me here when we had gone sailing out of Davis Island. Mark was on the same sailboat as we were that evening back then and we all became friends.

There are so many roller coasters at Busch Gardens and the speed and steepness of the drops can be intense. There was also one that had seven inverted loops. Let’s just say that roller coasters and Beau don’t mix very well. The one with 7 loops really did a number on her, so for the most part Beau sat out these rides while Mark and I went on them.

We had a fun day, but for some reason, I didn’take many photos, but will attach the few I took to this blog.

Hope this post comes thru okay as my cell phone battery over-heated yesterday and caused my cell that I have been using that was originally Terry’s to break. Was not a good afternoon, especially since it was also one of my “T” days. I had to go to the Sprint store to get a new one and I was there pretty late last evening. I am a bit upset as there was so much that Terry had on the old phone that is now lost (I think).? Sprint was limited in assisting me so the new phone thus far only has the basics. As you know, I’m not tech savvy, so it will be a challenge for me to try to set up and navigate on this new cell, which will have some limitations as it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Terry had on his old phone. Time will tell.

Have a great weekend!



11 thoughts on “Busch Gardens Visit with Beau and Mark

  1. I’m with Derrick and Beau …. I don’t do those rides – far too scary! Your phone, do not give up totally. There may be a way to get the data off. I honestly don’t know for sure but if you reach out to your meet up friends you might find a solution. If it is the battery that burned out then a replacement battery would do it and you might be able to find the right one on eBay for example.


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