Check Out This Meetup Event I Attended on Sunday Afternoon

Hey All,

For the most part I had a fairly quiet weekend and only attended one meetup event on Sunday afternoon which you might find very interesting. It’s all about social diversity. I am trying to mix and mingle these days with all kinds of different social groups and people as I believe it makes life more interesting.

Although I signed up for several other events that I was going to attend over the weekend, I canceled out of most of them. This is because first I had the panic of my cell phone breaking and my worries that I would lose all my historical data. Luckily I was able to purchase a new cell and get most of my data recovered. Secondly, the weather this weekend was somewhat inclement, making my motivation to attend outdoor activities a bit limited. Third, my Tuesday and Thursday urology procedures took a toll on me this week and I was experiencing a lot of pain. So Friday and Saturday I pretty much stayed around the airbase going to the gym (although my workouts were a bit limited)and then returning home (my RV) watching DVDs in the evening.

By Sunday, I was getting a bit stir crazy so after the gym in the morning I had to get out. Also, the weather seemed to be much better. So, I decided to drive to St Pete and to meetup with a new group that was having their first event which was a pool party at the Hollander Hotel, an iconic landmark in St Pete.

The group was made up primarily of Lesbians and OMG were they a hoot to hang out with! Where would you be able to watch women going crazy, like a bunch of Fraturnity Brothers (in this case Sisters!) Where would you be able to watch two girls having a heated discussion of there favorite football team. Were could you listen to such great music from 2 lesbians (see my video) that I found out are part of a very popular lesbian band out of Atlanta. Okay…enough here, the photos I’m including tell it all!

Girls having friendly discussion about whose favorite football team is the best.

Okay….close your eyes (if you find this part of the post offensive) as it is all about ” Girls just wanting to have some fun!”

Flamingo shorts….how Floridian!

Have a great week.



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