Personal Recording by Terry about Our Inner Strength

Hey All,

This post continues my blog series about Terry as I pay tribute to him being that his one year anniversary of entering the gates of heaven is fast approaching.

Todays post is a personal video that I recently found on Terry’s old cell phone that he must have recorded sometime shortly after his major bladder removal surgery back in January 2017 while he was still recovering in the hospital.

I didn’t want to send the direct link of the recording to you as you’d probably have difficulty opening it.

So being the Tech Saavy person that I am (Ha Ha) I played the recording off of Terry’s old cell while simultaneously doing a video by aiming the lens of my camera towards my computer to photograph a very short video slide show of Terry that I put together. Then I had to send the video thru youtube and then forward the video from youtube to WordPress for publishing. I hope the recording is clear enough on your end to hear the important things that Terry had to say.

I think we can all learn a lot about the inner strength within us, that often times we don’t realize we have until a major life-changing event occurs.

I can honestly admit that after a year and one-half of helping Terry 24/7 with coping with his medical condition, I remained hopeful that Terry’s numerous surgical procedures, chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy treatments as well as numerous specialized doctor visits throughout this time period would ultimately result in stopping the evasive spread of Terry’s cancer. Unfortunately God had another plan for Terry and promoted him directly to the front of the line at the Gates of Heaven.

Just as Terry discusses in his video, in spite of all the trials and tribulations of assisting Terry with combating his cancer and now almost one year later since his passing….I, just like Terry did not realize the inner strength that I had within me to keep moving forward and to try to remain positive. I have come to realize that life throws us all unexpected hurdles throughout our lifetime and no matter how hard these things might be to comprehend, for some reason they happened for a reason as part of God’s plan.

So as Terry said in his recording, we all have to sometimes reach down deep within us and embrace that inner strength within that we never knew we had to help us along the way in our day to day journey thru life. Amen

Luv Gary

16 thoughts on “Personal Recording by Terry about Our Inner Strength

      • We believe that He gives us what we need, rather than what we want, but ours is not a place to question His decisions. Why did He determine that what you needed was that horrific time period of trials and tribulations, watching your beloved Terry suffer? We don’t know, and most probably, neither will you, until you join Terry and ask the question yourself – it should not happen for many more years.


    • Thanks Derrick. Strength was definitely something within Terry that evolved thru his illness to the very end, even after realizing that continued immunotherapy near the end just wasn’t helping and his personal decision at that point to just let destiny take its course.

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  1. I am lost for words. All I can say is thank you for taking the time to put this together so that we can share Terry’s absolutely inspiring words on inner strength. If I have a fraction of the strength and perseverance and determination that he showed through his illness, then I am a fortunate woman indeed. He reached inside and he surprised himself with the level of personal power to not roll over but to fight. He was an incredible man and you were the love of his life. That says an awful lot about you too, Gary. I am proud to have known him and proud to know you. My friends. 💕


  2. You and Terry had the most amazing relationship full of strength and love. Life does send really unexpected challenges at us and our response defines us. You are an exceptional man and so was your soul mate. K x


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