Terry’s Last Bike Ride

This video was created by Terry back in August 2016.  It was the very last time that he would enjoy taking a bike ride.  We took this ride just a couple weeks after we had arrived to Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida from Dallas, Texas.  I remember that it was such a beautiful day and what a great time we had bicycling all around the base and exploring all that it had to offer in terms of beautiful scenery and wonderful facilities.
It was our intent to bike ride on a regular basis. However, that plan never really materialized. This is because about a week or so later Terry began his first phase of chemotherapy treatments. Also shortly thereafter Terry began to have severe pains in his kidneys requiring a tube to be placed thru his lower back directly into his kidney to try to relief pressure and to allow his urine to temporarily drain into an external bag.  The bag was eventually removed and higher doses of pain medicines were taken to try to keep Terry comfortable.
All this occurred well before Terry’s major surgery in January 2017.  We both hoped that after his surgery, a lot of his pain would eventually subside and Terry would gradually feel better.  However, quite frankly, Terry really never felt very well following his surgery and since the pathology report after surgery revealed that his cancer had unfortunately already spread outside of his bladder, the pain in his kidneys and also a new pain in his abdominal area continued.  From that point forward we desperately tried to explore in conjunction with his oncologist and urologist other procedures and medical treatments that could be taken to possibly slow the progression of Terry’s cancer and to hopefully help to make him feel better.  Eventually that lead later to a move to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa so Terry could begin higher level care thru Moffitt  Cancer   Center.
Often times when I now ride my bike along Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, I often think back to that beautiful day in August 2016 when Terry was having a good day and we were thoroughly enjoying our long bike ride. Sometimes when riding along Tampa Bay, I encounter this beautiful white dove that seems to want to fly adjacent to me along the shore line as I peddle.  I often wonder if this actually is the spirit of Terry watching over me to ensure my safety along my travels?

12 thoughts on “Terry’s Last Bike Ride

  1. It’s good to see him so carefree before the extent of his illness really clamped him in a body lock that was impossible to escape and ran ahead of the medics, throwing new curved balls every time they thought they could catch it even a little. The dove, I have no doubt is Terry – his peaceful spirit winging beside you, telling you he is in a good place and watching to make sure you are too 🕊


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