Quick Update On My Health Issues

Hey All,

Sitting in waiting room at the VA Hospital (my home away from home) these days!

(Dermatology)- Old Issue: The 2 cancer spots that were originally removed from my left leg about 2 and 1/2 months ago. These 2 wounds as of today are finally almost completely healed. No bandages required any more!

(Dermatology) – New Issue: Over the past 5 days I somehow developed an external growth on the very same organ that the urologist has been treating me for over the past two months via injections on Tuesdays and Thursdays to try to reduce the internal scare tissue that had formed in that same Organ. The dermatologist decided to remove this external growth this morning which resulted in me having to get 14 stitches to that very sensitive area. Now I have to patiently wait once again for the healing process to take its course. The area is currently all bandaged up. Unfortunately I can’t show you a photo of this wound area for obvious reasons as it would be considered to be pornography!

(Ear, Nose and Throat) – The constant pain that I was experiencing in my throat has gone away and the physical exam and CT scan of my neck and throat area as evaluated by the doctor was free of any cancer. So, I can cross this problem off my list.

(Rheumatology) – New Issue. I had a new bone density test done a few weeks ago as ordered by my Rheumatologist due to my existing psoriatic arthritis, osteomalacia and osteopenia. The results of the bone density test came back indicating a reduction in my bone mass in my left hip by another 6 % from the test I had done last year. This was a concern. Rheumatology wants to see me to discuss options for slowing down the bone degeneration. They are having me do some xrays of my spine today and to have me get some special blood work completed. Also have to get a dental evaluation and clearance before course of action can be established. I will see them back in a month or so.

Urology – Old Issue. Concerning the inner scar tissue in my private area. After two and one-half months of injections there has been no significant improvement. The injections have been stopped for now from Urology. I will see the Urologist again in early October when I return back to Tampa to discuss if best to continue injections for a little while longer or to undergo an operation which is more evasive to remove the scar tissue which has greater risks for other complications. Time will tell what’s best.

When it rains it pours! Getting old sucks!



14 thoughts on “Quick Update On My Health Issues

  1. Blimey! That’s a hatful of issues to be dealing with so lets just focus on the bright side … no cancer in the throat is VERY good news indeed. The bone density is not good news at all but I am sure that your team will come up with solutions for you. As for the bandaged doo-dah …. Ooh 😯

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  2. I was just thinking how it sucks to be old…😘 So sorry that you have been having so many health issues. I, too, have issues down there and it is so annoying. Commiserating with you, my friend. K x


  3. I’ve come back to this one, Gary, since I cannot make comments on any of your recent posts. If this is intentional, that’s OK, but I don’t know if it’s a WP glitch. Anyway, I continue to think about you and wish you well with your ordeal


    • Thanks Derrick. So I am assumming that the one I did last night entitledc”Homebound for the Holidays” ia being able to be seen, but not commented on, even though i reset the comments button and then updated that one? I’m going to do a quick test blog in a few minutes…I’ll entitle it “Never Enough Plants”. I want to see if a new test blog now allows comments from this point forward and I corrected the issue. If you can send me a quick response on the new one onve it comes tg
      through, then I’ll know all is okay now going forward. Thanks Derrick

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