Terry Recording: Trying to Cope with Constant Pain while Facing the Unknowns of His Cancer Progression

This blog continues my tribute of Terry in honor of his upcoming one year anniversary of transitioning to his eternal life. In this series, I am attempting to post some of Terry’s previous videos and also to share with you some personal recordings that Terry apparently did which I recently found on his old cell phone. In this special series of blogs, I am trying to reflect back on Terry’s last years. I want to highlight some of Terry’s happier days while still being sure to include some posts about his tougher and more challenging days. By right we are all human and have good and bad days.

In this particular post, you will hear Terry feeling a bit frustrated about trying to cope with his daily pain and discomfort while not really knowing what to expect concerning his future survival chances as a result of his cancer progression.

Terry recorded this when we were still living on Pensacola Naval Air Station probably a few weeks after his bladder removal surgery.

Please disregard where Terry beats himself up about thinking he was always mean and unappreciative of me. He really was not! Yes, Terry was by nature a somewhat moody person and I’m sure that his medical condition made it much more difficult for him to be happy. However, One important thing that I can state is that Terry truly was a much beter person than I could ever be. He was always so honest and willing to admit his personal faults and to constantly strive to improve himself. When he did something out of line….he always was the first to admit he was wrong and to be the first apologize. I on the other hand often do not take criticism very well or do not easily admit my faults of which I know I have many. I can be a very stubborn person and often let the advice of others go in one ear and then out the other and to just continue to do things in my own stuborn way. Oh well, we are all different I guess which makes life interesting.

Have a great rest of your week.



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