On The Road Again

Hi Everyone !

Sorry for my rigidness in filming this selfie video. It was difficult to be totally relaxed while trying to film myself with my new cell phone that I barely know how to use yet, while trying to use stage props and to simultaneously remain alert and aware of the vehicular traffic all around me while driving.

Besides my you-tube video that I did while driving from Tampa to Fort Waldon Beach on Monday, September 28, I’m also going to include the link to the April 4, 2017 video that Terry did on this very same trip (but in reverse) from Fort Walton Beach to Tampa on the day before his 57th birthday.

Thought you might enjoy this past as well as the present video of the same road trip. How life has changed so dramatically from that past video to the present one.





6 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. The long and winding road, but Terry’s heart is always in yours, his spirit surrounds you and his love will never diminish. Take it easy on your trips – this weekend will not be easy. But you will be able to see Roxy’s resting place, you will be in the bosom of your family and you have Terry with you even though you can’t see him. The first year is hard which is not to say that it gets easier, just more familiar. I will be thinking of you, I will be lighting candles for Terry. I too, wish he would have seen more birthdays. Many many more. I cannot reason out why a good man was taken so young leaving another good man to grieve and try to go on. Those are not my questions to answer but I can always be filled with love and I am. For Terry and for you. Go softly, go gently and reach out for whatever you need. 💕


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