I’m A Happy Camper Again !

Hey All,

As you can see from my video in today’s blog, I’m pretty much established back in the RV park on MacDill AFB.

I chose the annex section of the park for this 6-month stay. The other section of the park where I stayed last time is about 1/2 miles away. Although the section that I’m now in is about 1/2 miles from the beach on base, rather than within walking distance, yhe section that I am now in it is much nicer I think than the other section as the RV spots have a better layout and the distance between each RV is greater, allowing for greater privacy. As all the snow birds start comming in over the next 2 weeks, it will be much better to be in a place where I don’t feel to close to one another (like sardines). I haven’t stayed here in the park when is at full capacity, so I thought this would be a much better option.

My brother Jan helped me the other day with sucessfully getting my RV out of storage and into my new spot as well a fixing a couple of my electrical issues.

The only negative thing is that today I had all kinds of problems trying to get cable TV but later found out that there was an issue within the park with the cable TV service and it might be some time for it to get resolved. Has to do with the government’s contract negotiation with Spectrum Cable. So for now and for the indefinite future I have very limited TV (only a few channels) and must rely on the receptiom from my antenna to view those few channels. I hope the service can eventually be improved so I can once again have better TV channel selection. For now I will have to watch alot of DVDs to keep me entertained.

Will spend a quiet weekend just relaxing in my new surrondings. Don’t feel like getting involved in any meetups as yet. Have alot of doctors appointmemts next week to make some decisions on how we best proceed with treating some of my on-going health challenges. Time will tell?

Have a great weekend!

Heading Back Home to Tampa Tomorrow !

Hey All,

I don’t know where the last 30 days went? The mandatory requirement for me to relocate my RV out of the MacDill Air Force Base RV park for 30 days before I am once again allowed to relocate there for another 6 months will be up tomorrow and I can now return home to Tampa.

I think breaking up my 30 days by first visiting my younger brother Randy and my mother Stacia in the Fort Walton Beach area, followed by a trip with Beau to Las Vegas and then a short visit to my brother Jan and sister-in-law Gsil’s house in Orlando was a good way to devide my time.

It is always nice to spend time with family and friends, but it is equally nice to get back home to my RV and my regular routine.

Naturally when I return home this time, I will have to deal with my foot cast for several more weeks and to begin making arrangements with my urology surgeon for a potential operation most likely to occur in late November or early December. Time will tell how all this works out? I’ll make the best of it.

I will end this blog with a few photo’s of my brother Jan and sister-in-law Gail’s pool and back yard retreat. Not a bad place to relax for the ladt few days!

My brother Jan will once again be kind enough to follow me back to Tampa tommorrow (about a 2 hour ride) to help me hitch up and to move my RV back into the MacDill Air Force park and to assist me with a couple of small electrical repairs that need to be done on my RV. Thank you Jan!!! I really appreciate your help!!

Have a great rest of your week !

Jan and Gail’s mixed fruit tree above. It grows Lemons, Limes and Grapefruit. They also have an Orange and Tangerine and a nice herb garden. Very nice to have fresh fruit and herbs so handy!

Beautiful and extra long swimming pool that is readily enjoyed by Jan and Gail after work and on weekends when they are not at their beach condo or away on a trip.

Lake views from Jan and Gail’s dock.

Visit To The Beach House

Hey All,

Beau and I got back from Las Vegas on Friday morning and after Beau dropped me back off at my brother Jan’s and Gail’s house in Orlando, she drove back home to Melbourne for some much needed rest.

The plan for me was to do a quick set of laundry, pay a few bills and then to get some much needed rest as well.

That early afternoon, my brother Jan, his wife Gail and I would be driving up to their beach condo in Ormond Beach to spend the weekend. Gail was getting off work early that day and Jan was running around that morning doing some errands and grocery shopping for the trip. The drive to the beach condo takes about 1 1/2 hours.

The next morning Beau would be driving from her house in Melbourne and would be joining us at the condo for the rest of the weekend.

Friday was primarily a quiet night to relax. My brother Jan was a bit busy refurbishing some wooden beach chairs and doing a little bit of painting on the walls of the stairway leading to the 2nd floor.

The next day around mid-morning Beau arrived bringing with her a bunch of food. She brought 4 huge steaks, a nice fruit salad, bread, fresh asparagus, much other produce, pumpkin muffins and much, much more!!! See photo below.

That afternoon, Beau, Gail and myself walked (I hobbled) along the beach, while my brother Jan did a bit more painting.

Later that afternoon we all spent some quality time in the pool and then that evening we cooked some juicy steaks with all the trimmings and then watched a movie.

That’s my feet. Removed my cast for awhile to get some air on my right leg.

On Sunday morning my brother Jan made us all fantastic omelets and then we once again took a stroll along the beach and then just relaxed outdoors in and around the pool that afternoon.

Turtles are still laying eggs on the beach and new baby turtles should been born soon!!

It was such a nice weekend to spend with family and friends.

Luv, Gary

Teddy Saved The Day!!

Hey All,

So after walking around and checking out the sites at “The Freemont Experience” in old Las Vegas, Beau and I decided to go into some of the casinos there to do some more gambling. At around midnight, we were down in the aggregate about $ 400 for our time spent in Vegas thus far. The loss didn’t really bother us considering we we allowing $ 200 per day in gambling funds which means we could be down on day 3 by $ 600 and at this point we were only down $ 400. However, what bothered us more than being down in funds is that we really didn’t have any long time playing streaks on any one machine throughout our first 3 days (or should I say nights!) in Vegas.

Then, at about midnight, I could see that Beau was getting a bit tired. I guess after dragging her around all the Las Vegas casinos for three nights until the early hours of the morning would tire most people out, except of course me who could gamble 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

So, as we were walking to the exit of the casino to go back to our hotel, I came across this cute little bear “Teddy” waving to me on one of the slot machines. I immediately bonded with “Teddy” and like a magnet, we connected instantly. I just had this feeling that “Teddy” was trying to tell me something. To stop by that machine and to interact with him for awhile. Interesting that “Teddy’s” name was very similar to “Terry’s” name. Could “Terry’s” spirit have taken on the image of “Teddy” and was he there at that very moment to help Beau and I out?

So, having a strong inclination, I put $ 5 into the slot machine to play 60 cent bets and ended up interacting with “Teddy” for over 4 hours on that initial $ 5 that I put into that machine. This is just what I was striving for on this Las Vegas trip….to be able to stay on one machine for a long time on just my initial bet and to not have to continually feed the machine with new monies. Throughout the course of those 4 hours, I was down as much as 60 cents and up as much as $ 70 on that initial $ 5. I was having so much fun interacting with “Teddy” (or Terry), but I knew Beau was exhausted and ready to go back to the hotel.

So, as we were getting ready to leave, Beau had to use the ladies room while I stayed on the machine. The plan was that when she returned, we would leave. While she was gone I began losing money and got down to as low as $ 1.20! Then as I looked at “Teddy or Terry” my friend and my buddy, I genyly touched the screen and softly said to “Teddy (or Terry)” please help me out. Make us a winner. Then suddenly as I pushed the lever and all the little “Teddys” appeared on the screen! I won the jackpot…..over $ 800 !!! So, for only a 60 cents bet….this was a great rate of return on our investment!! Thank you “Teddy (or Terry)” !!

So, to sum things up, Beau and I ended up the week having so much fun in Las Vegas and leaving $ 400 to the good!! Yeah!!

The video above was actually taken on Thursday afternoon when Beau and I decided to return back to this slot machine in old Las Vegas to see “Teddy or Terry?” to thank him for making us winners and to say farewell before we left Vegas. Will miss you good bud!

Night Out in Old Vegas ” The Freemont Experience”

Hey All,

On Wednesday evening Beau and I decided to take the Duece Bus and head over to the old Las Vegas area to see first hand the “Freemont Experience”. On Monday and Tuesday evening Beau and I had walked (well I guess I hobbled with my foot cast) to ALL the major casinos on the Las Vegas strip from the Stratosphere to the Mandalin Bay Casino and back home to the Plazzo and Venetian Hotels where we stayed. We covered over 10 miles on those walks and stayed out all night on all 3 days not getting back to our hotel until almost 6 Am ! Essentially we worked the grave yard shift !

So Wednesday night we decided to do something different and to see all the nostalgia of Las Vegas… the original casinos (like the Golden Nugget), the bright neon signs and the fabulous lighting of where Las Vegas all started. On all my previous trips to Las Vegas with Terry we always intended to see but never ended up getting down to see the “Freemont Experience”, so this this time I was going to make sure we didn’t miss it!

The bus system in Las Vegas is top notch. For 8 dollars a day or 20 dollars for 3 days, you can get all over Las Vegas and to the external areas. We took this bus for only 2 dollars for our one way trip from the airport on Monday to within a few blocks to our hotel. We decided to not use the bus system on from Monday night thru Wednesday and just walk the main strip, but then to get the one day pass on Wednesday night to travel to old Vegas and then to use it on Thursday day and then in the evening (still within the 24 hour period) to travel back from our hotel to the airport for our return red eye flight back to Orlando. The bus drivers were super nice and there were bus attendants at each major bus stop to welcome you and to answer any questions one might have about Las Vegas and to let you know the best bus route to take to wherever you wanted to go. Highly encourage you to use this mode of transporation next time you visit Las Vegas. You will be impressed!

Below are a bunch of photos from Old Las Vegas.

In my video, I inadvertantly mentioned something about hang gliding, I meant zip lining which people can do above the Freemont Experience ceiling to take in the whole area below.

Photo of the old Gangster, Bugsy Siegel the original owner of the casino and restaurant that Beau and I ate at while on The Old Las Vegas Strip.

These little circles all over the Las Vegas Strip and can be rented by street entertainers who make the stroll along the Vegas strip very interesting to say the least. This guy weighed only about 120 pounds ( with most clothes off, naturally)!

Above is my photo with Phyllis…the oldest cocktail waitress at The Golden Nugget. Only 4 ft, 4 inches tall, 85 years old and has been working at this casino for 60 years, that’s almost my entire lifetime! I love her hairdo….so nostalgic of the old times on the Vegas Strip.

Saving the best for last in the next and final blog on our Las Vegas trip….Stay tuned!

Luv, Gary

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas!

Hey All,

Beau and I arrived to Vegas last evening about 7:30 PM. We were checked into our hotel by 8:30 PM and on the strip by 9:00 PM

Was a beautiful night. Very comfortable temperature.

We stayed out till almost 5:30 AM ! Now back in the room resting a bit for another trip eventually to more casinos and other fun on the strip!

No winnings as yet. Down about $ 85 collectively thus far, but not bad for 6 to 8 hours of fun. Being a Monday evening, crowds on the strip were light and the casinos comfortable and easy to get on machines you wanted, but no big winning streaks yet.

Beau is getting some much needed rest now, I’m up and about hoblilng around the room, catching up on e-mails, etc;

No problem for me to get around on the cast and with crutch support. When the slot machines and card tables call ..I forget all pain or discomfort. Funny how this works.

Plane getting ready to land.

Beau pushing me along the airport.

Me being silly!

Leave this one to your imagination (LoL)

Wynn Casino

Encore Casino

Encore Casino

Outside Wynn Casino

Outside Oncore Casino

Inside Mirage Casino

Outside Treasure Island Casino

Outside Treasre Island Casino

Forget Where This One Was Taken?

More to follow. Will be here in Vegas until late Thursday night and then taking red eye back to Orlando, Fl

Have a great week.



Just a short post with no videos this time (just photos). My Mom Stacia had an eye appointment mid morning on Friday. Naturally she passed her eye exam with flying colors. The doctor said she had eyesite as good as a 35 year old woman! After that my brother Randy, my Mom and I went out to lunch at a place called Aglers in Fort Walton Beach and near the water. Nothing special just spending time together.