Casino Road Trip – Part 2 (It’s Raining Wilds!)

Okay so now we’re at the Casino on the slot machines! We had a fun day, but as usual we ended up coming home a loser! We came home about $ 160 lighter on the wallet. However, considering that we played from about 8 AM until 4 PM, had a free buffet and got to bring home all that gratuitous food…compliments of the casino, I guess it was a day well spent.

Below I am also including a video that Terry did for this same road trip to this casino about 2 years ago when we were living in Pensacola and prior to his major surgery. Thought you would enjoy this rewind as well.

Have a great week.



11 thoughts on “Casino Road Trip – Part 2 (It’s Raining Wilds!)

    • Glad you enjoyed the posts and the video tributes to Terry as well on his one year anniversary. Weather up in Ft Walton Beach is Ok so far. Seems like the storm is heading more to Mobile, Al area. Probably will
      get some heavier rains as an aftermath. Thanks for asking Dolly. P.S. Did you get together with”Osyth” Fiona when you were in Boston area?

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  1. I appreciate this segment so much Gary! You are superman! You took care of our Terry and did everything possible and more. You are amazing. It is generous of you to share all of this and has helped me to process everything. πŸ˜ƒ


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