Hey All,

As most of you know, I have been visiting my mother Stacia and younger Randy in the Fort Walton Beach area of Florida for the past couple of weeks. I decided to spend time with them while meeting the 30 day rule to be out of the RV park on MacDill Air Force Base before I can return there for another 6 month stay. My RV is in temporary storage in Tampa during this period.

Yesterday (Friday) I spent the entire day with my Mom. I usually go to the gym on Eglin Air Force Base in the mornings which is about a 30 minute drive. However, yesterday I broke from my normal routine and didn’t go to the gym.

Instead I first got my Mom bathed and ensured her hair got shampoo’d. I then took her that morning to a routine follow-up doctor’s appointment with her geriatric doctor. As usual, everything with her checked out to be okay. Then I stopped by the social security office to submit some paperwork on my Mom’s behalf. I then found a local medical supply store where I purchased a rubber end piece for my Mother’s cane which she apparently had lost several weeks ago. We then traveled to a Nail Salon where I got my Mom a full manicure and pedicure and had her nails done in a fabulous sparkling rose color. This was followed by a visit to the hairdressers where I got my Mom a hair trim (which doesn’t occur too often as she has never been one to want to get her hair done on a regular basis). I had the back of her hair braided which is something that she normally is not used too, but I thought a slight change in hairstyles would be good for her. For the past year or so, my brother and a neighbor of his thought it was time to just let my Mom’s hair grow naturally and let the gray hair grow out rather than to self color her hair at home anymore. Look how nice the interwoven grey and brunette hair looks!

We then returned back home later that afternoon and my Mom, my brother Randy (who had just returned home from work) and I all decided that it would be nice to go out to dinner for a change. Of course, it was good to end the day with my Mom being treated to a huge specially drink fit for a Queen! After all my Mom is 95 years old and alcohol helps to keep the blood flowing!

On the way home I couldn’t resist to pick up some ice cream and some whip cream and toppings of course to make some ice cream sundays for us later that evening.

All in all a great day for my Mom.

Have a great weekend!

Luv, Gary

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