My Culinary Adventure Today!

Today is Sunday 9/9/18 and after awakening I decided to start the day off right by driving to Eglin Air Force Base to get in a 2 hour workout at the gym.

On Saturday evening my brother Randy, my Mom, two of Randy’s good neighbors (Larry and Lucy) and I, all went out to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. Of course, I got the 20 ounce steak with all the trimmings and ate a bunch of their tasty soft rolls. This was followed by a large ice cream sundae when we returned home. So today I MUST PAY THE PRICE and work off that meal BIG meal!

After the gym I took a ride to the Air Force Commisary on Base (that’s the military grocery store). While I was there I was so impressed with a bunch of professional displays that were set up there. I was in animal heaven! It was like being at the Zoo! You know how I love my animals! The photos that I took and that I am including below are not just pictures. They are actual displays of stuffed animals and other decorative items that are all three dimensional and we carefully laid out in such a professional manner. This was one of the best displays that I have ever seen in any grocery store! Well done Eglin Commissary!

So after my grocery shopping adventure I returned home to watch my brother cooking a wonderful meal on his Weber Grill (sorry I inadvertently called it a Hibachi Grill on the short video I did)!

Now look below….as you know presentation is everything! What a great meal! I guess I’ll once again be driving back to the gym tomorrow to PAY MY DUES!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Luv, Gary

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