OOPS! Not A Good Day!

Sitting here in the ER on Eglin Air Force base with my brother who drove me here. I was getting off the couch at my brother’s house and ended up loosing my balance and twisting my right foot pretty badly, then heard a snap and immeduately my foot swelled ul. Just had an X-Ray, now awaiting to see MD for results. ER is packed, so it might be awhile before I find out how bad the injury is. I pray it is not broken! Stand by for more news tommorrow.

Bad Right Foot Above

Okay…Update …The x-ray indicated a bad break with multiple fractures where the foot bones and nerves meet. Doc said worst place I could have a break in my foot. Will be seeing Ortho Surgeon in AM for medical course of action. More to follow later.

21 thoughts on “OOPS! Not A Good Day!

    • Yes. It’s my right one. The left has the knee replacement and revision and the squamous cancer cell removals. However, being the right foot, not sure how I am going to drive to Orlando on Sun and then leave with Beau for Las Vagas for 5 days starting next Mon. Have a non-refundable air ticket and complementary hotel nights at the Venetian that will expire and can’t be extended. Time will tell after my appt with Ortho this AM what I plan to do?

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