Randy’s Chinese Kitchen – Video 2 of 2

This is the 2nd and more serious of my 2 culinary videos this evening. This is where the cooking magic happens !! Go Randy Go!!

As a side note…saw the the ortho surgeon this morning concerning my fractured right foot. Need to wear the boot for 6 to 8 weeks with a follow-up x-ray and visit to my regular ortho surgeon back at the Tampa VA Hospital when I return back to that area in late September. Can put some weight-bearing on my foot, but use crutches for any extensive movement. Sooooo…..On to Las Vegas Baby with Beau next week! Should be interesting hobling along from casino to casino with my boot and crutches.

There is a bright side to this…If we start losing too much money on the slot machines and card tables, I’ll just hobble back outside of the casino with my tin cup, my injured led and my crutches and I am sure people walking by will feel sorry for me and begin refilling my cup with more funds !!!! I have to think positive about my recent mishap!!! Better to think the cup half full than half empty!



7 thoughts on “Randy’s Chinese Kitchen – Video 2 of 2

    • When I get back to my brother Jan’s house in the Orlando area on Sun afternoon via my self drive from my brother Randy’s house, Beau will drive to my brother Jan’s house on Mon mid afternoon (about 1 hr drive to there from her house). Then we’ll leave my truck at my brother’s and Beau and I will drive in her car to airport that late afternoon where we have a direct flight to the “Sin” City..Las Vegas!!

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