13 thoughts on “Second News Interview on Stacia (Her Discussion on International Travels) Video 3 of 4

    • Sometimes she can go on and on and in great details about some of the international travel she and my dad did with me when they came to visit me when I was in the service. I used to like to take them on some adventure trips all over the place. My Mom has fond memories of these trips and sometimes can remarkably and in great details remember unique aspects of these particular trips. Yesterday I had to prompt her a bit to jog her memory because I think she was getting a bit tired with all the acting roles I was throwing out at her to be followed by these interviews. I wanted to capture some fun videos to remember her by when her day comes and I realize that I never did this. I think I realized the importance of doing this from what Terry did with his blog and videos. Nice to go back from time to time to look at some of these.

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