What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas!

Hey All,

Beau and I arrived to Vegas last evening about 7:30 PM. We were checked into our hotel by 8:30 PM and on the strip by 9:00 PM

Was a beautiful night. Very comfortable temperature.

We stayed out till almost 5:30 AM ! Now back in the room resting a bit for another trip eventually to more casinos and other fun on the strip!

No winnings as yet. Down about $ 85 collectively thus far, but not bad for 6 to 8 hours of fun. Being a Monday evening, crowds on the strip were light and the casinos comfortable and easy to get on machines you wanted, but no big winning streaks yet.

Beau is getting some much needed rest now, I’m up and about hoblilng around the room, catching up on e-mails, etc;

No problem for me to get around on the cast and with crutch support. When the slot machines and card tables call ..I forget all pain or discomfort. Funny how this works.

Plane getting ready to land.

Beau pushing me along the airport.

Me being silly!

Leave this one to your imagination (LoL)

Wynn Casino

Encore Casino

Encore Casino

Outside Wynn Casino

Outside Oncore Casino

Inside Mirage Casino

Outside Treasure Island Casino

Outside Treasre Island Casino

Forget Where This One Was Taken?

More to follow. Will be here in Vegas until late Thursday night and then taking red eye back to Orlando, Fl

Have a great week.


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