Night Out in Old Vegas ” The Freemont Experience”

Hey All,

On Wednesday evening Beau and I decided to take the Duece Bus and head over to the old Las Vegas area to see first hand the “Freemont Experience”. On Monday and Tuesday evening Beau and I had walked (well I guess I hobbled with my foot cast) to ALL the major casinos on the Las Vegas strip from the Stratosphere to the Mandalin Bay Casino and back home to the Plazzo and Venetian Hotels where we stayed. We covered over 10 miles on those walks and stayed out all night on all 3 days not getting back to our hotel until almost 6 Am ! Essentially we worked the grave yard shift !

So Wednesday night we decided to do something different and to see all the nostalgia of Las Vegas… the original casinos (like the Golden Nugget), the bright neon signs and the fabulous lighting of where Las Vegas all started. On all my previous trips to Las Vegas with Terry we always intended to see but never ended up getting down to see the “Freemont Experience”, so this this time I was going to make sure we didn’t miss it!

The bus system in Las Vegas is top notch. For 8 dollars a day or 20 dollars for 3 days, you can get all over Las Vegas and to the external areas. We took this bus for only 2 dollars for our one way trip from the airport on Monday to within a few blocks to our hotel. We decided to not use the bus system on from Monday night thru Wednesday and just walk the main strip, but then to get the one day pass on Wednesday night to travel to old Vegas and then to use it on Thursday day and then in the evening (still within the 24 hour period) to travel back from our hotel to the airport for our return red eye flight back to Orlando. The bus drivers were super nice and there were bus attendants at each major bus stop to welcome you and to answer any questions one might have about Las Vegas and to let you know the best bus route to take to wherever you wanted to go. Highly encourage you to use this mode of transporation next time you visit Las Vegas. You will be impressed!

Below are a bunch of photos from Old Las Vegas.

In my video, I inadvertantly mentioned something about hang gliding, I meant zip lining which people can do above the Freemont Experience ceiling to take in the whole area below.

Photo of the old Gangster, Bugsy Siegel the original owner of the casino and restaurant that Beau and I ate at while on The Old Las Vegas Strip.

These little circles all over the Las Vegas Strip and can be rented by street entertainers who make the stroll along the Vegas strip very interesting to say the least. This guy weighed only about 120 pounds ( with most clothes off, naturally)!

Above is my photo with Phyllis…the oldest cocktail waitress at The Golden Nugget. Only 4 ft, 4 inches tall, 85 years old and has been working at this casino for 60 years, that’s almost my entire lifetime! I love her hairdo….so nostalgic of the old times on the Vegas Strip.

Saving the best for last in the next and final blog on our Las Vegas trip….Stay tuned!

Luv, Gary

5 thoughts on “Night Out in Old Vegas ” The Freemont Experience”

  1. What fun, Peter and I spend a few days in Vegas, not only did we drive around and check out the entire town, good and bad, we walked the strip and went over to Freemont street. Its was full of fun and adventure. Looked like you had a good time. xx


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