Visit To The Beach House

Hey All,

Beau and I got back from Las Vegas on Friday morning and after Beau dropped me back off at my brother Jan’s and Gail’s house in Orlando, she drove back home to Melbourne for some much needed rest.

The plan for me was to do a quick set of laundry, pay a few bills and then to get some much needed rest as well.

That early afternoon, my brother Jan, his wife Gail and I would be driving up to their beach condo in Ormond Beach to spend the weekend. Gail was getting off work early that day and Jan was running around that morning doing some errands and grocery shopping for the trip. The drive to the beach condo takes about 1 1/2 hours.

The next morning Beau would be driving from her house in Melbourne and would be joining us at the condo for the rest of the weekend.

Friday was primarily a quiet night to relax. My brother Jan was a bit busy refurbishing some wooden beach chairs and doing a little bit of painting on the walls of the stairway leading to the 2nd floor.

The next day around mid-morning Beau arrived bringing with her a bunch of food. She brought 4 huge steaks, a nice fruit salad, bread, fresh asparagus, much other produce, pumpkin muffins and much, much more!!! See photo below.

That afternoon, Beau, Gail and myself walked (I hobbled) along the beach, while my brother Jan did a bit more painting.

Later that afternoon we all spent some quality time in the pool and then that evening we cooked some juicy steaks with all the trimmings and then watched a movie.

That’s my feet. Removed my cast for awhile to get some air on my right leg.

On Sunday morning my brother Jan made us all fantastic omelets and then we once again took a stroll along the beach and then just relaxed outdoors in and around the pool that afternoon.

Turtles are still laying eggs on the beach and new baby turtles should been born soon!!

It was such a nice weekend to spend with family and friends.

Luv, Gary

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