Heading Back Home to Tampa Tomorrow !

Hey All,

I don’t know where the last 30 days went? The mandatory requirement for me to relocate my RV out of the MacDill Air Force Base RV park for 30 days before I am once again allowed to relocate there for another 6 months will be up tomorrow and I can now return home to Tampa.

I think breaking up my 30 days by first visiting my younger brother Randy and my mother Stacia in the Fort Walton Beach area, followed by a trip with Beau to Las Vegas and then a short visit to my brother Jan and sister-in-law Gsil’s house in Orlando was a good way to devide my time.

It is always nice to spend time with family and friends, but it is equally nice to get back home to my RV and my regular routine.

Naturally when I return home this time, I will have to deal with my foot cast for several more weeks and to begin making arrangements with my urology surgeon for a potential operation most likely to occur in late November or early December. Time will tell how all this works out? I’ll make the best of it.

I will end this blog with a few photo’s of my brother Jan and sister-in-law Gail’s pool and back yard retreat. Not a bad place to relax for the ladt few days!

My brother Jan will once again be kind enough to follow me back to Tampa tommorrow (about a 2 hour ride) to help me hitch up and to move my RV back into the MacDill Air Force park and to assist me with a couple of small electrical repairs that need to be done on my RV. Thank you Jan!!! I really appreciate your help!!

Have a great rest of your week !

Jan and Gail’s mixed fruit tree above. It grows Lemons, Limes and Grapefruit. They also have an Orange and Tangerine and a nice herb garden. Very nice to have fresh fruit and herbs so handy!

Beautiful and extra long swimming pool that is readily enjoyed by Jan and Gail after work and on weekends when they are not at their beach condo or away on a trip.

Lake views from Jan and Gail’s dock.

15 thoughts on “Heading Back Home to Tampa Tomorrow !

  1. What a lovely place – true paradise garden! I am so glad you have loving – and helpful! – family, Gary, and I am sending you blessings for successful surgery and speedy recovery (including the cast on your foot).


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