I Continue To Be Cursed !!

Hey All,

Hate to be negative, but I have run into another new health hurdle.

On Sunday afternoon I felt some sensation and pain on the right side of my face. Thought it was nothing and would just go away.

I was wrong! By Wednesday mid morning my nose really swelled up severe pain transversed to the bone under my eye and subsequently into my head. The whole right side of my face felt like I was continuakly being stung by bees and my head and nose really hurt. Level 10 pain!!

So, I stumbled into my car (with my walking cast) and drove to the Emergency Room at the VA Hopital.

When I arrived there they did Cat Scan of my head as they thought I might be having a stroke.

Fortunately the images did not appear to indicate a stroke or other issue of concern in the cerebral area.

After being in the ER for several hours, the doctor felt that I was experiencing an aggressive bacterial infection in my skin that because of the swelling that was occurring if was affecting my nerves and thus the pain was radiating to other areas of my body, primarily in the my right eye bone, upper lip and cerebral area.

The doctor decided to put me on a strong antibiotic and for me to use warm compresses on my face and to apply lidocaine on my most problemaric areas to numb the pain.

Time will tell how long it will take for all the pain, swelling and discomfort to go away and for all the rashes that have developed on my skin to subside

So for me I am temporarily homebound and indoors on a beautiful day. No gym, bike-riding, relaxing outside or participating in meetups group activities for awhile.

I need this problem to go away so I can get an x-ray scheduled for Nov 7th to see if my right foot has healed so I can get rid of my walking boot cast, then to get the proceedure done on my right hand to remove the squamous cancer.

Then to be ready for my major surgery by the Urologist to occur on Monday, 11/19 (week of Thanksgiving) A lot to look forward to !!!

I’ll get through all these health issues somehow (I hope). Time will tell.

Luv Gary

All That Jaz

Hey Everyone,

Hope you’ve had a good weekend.

I will continue my series on volunteering in the local community in this blog. On Saturday afternoon and evening I worked as a volunteer at the 39th annual Holiday Jazz Festival in Clearwater, FL.

This was a huge 4 day event. On Saturday they had over 100,000 people who attended. My photos don’t clearly depict how massive the crowds were, but it was impressive. Unfortunately, didn’t take alot of photos and videos at the fest as I forgot to charge up my phone before leaving home, so my battery died about midway thru the main show featuring the “Dobbie Brothers”.

I had a great volunteer job. I worked the hospitality VIP section where I assisted high paying attendees of where their reserved seats were and which way to go to get a drinks and food which was complementary and unlimited especially since most of these folks had VIP tickets costing over $ 1,000 per ticket. In my video, I briefly show you a portion of the VIP section earlier in the day before the crowds started pouring in. I forgot to take you to another section when I did that video to show you the Bistro section where all the fancy food was at.

What was good about my job is that I had the best views of the bands as I was right up front and close. Also, being in the VIP section, I didn’t have to use the portable toilets as I had use of the VIP bathroom backstage which was the same one thst the “Doobie Brothers” and other celebrities used. I almost got to seat Tom Cruise in the VIP section, right up front and center of the stage, but unfortunately he had to cancel out in the last minute. I was bummed. Tom Cruise recently bought a place here in Clearwater, Fl and I think primarily because the Church of Scientology has it’s headquarters here in Clearwater, Fl of which Tom Cruise is a very active member of that religious organization.

All in all a fun day and I felt good about helping out. Even got to meet and chat a few minutes with George Cretekos the current Mayor of Clearwater.

Working the VIP section with Katherine who started the Tampa Bay Adventurers group of which I am an active member.

Photo above is with my new friend Torrie who oversaw a section of the VIP section along with her husband Justin. A really nice couple. Torrie ironically is a reserve Army Officer who flies Blackhawk helicopters when she is on military duty. That was the same helicopter I flew when I was in the Army. What at coincidence.

Some other of my Tampa Bay Adventures group friends working the VIP bar.

Just a portion of the crowds earlier in the evening. You had to be there to appreciate the magnitude of attendees at this event.

I’m going to post a part 2 to this blog with just a portion of one of the songs the “Doobie Brothers” performed, just to give you an idea. There were also about 10 other bands that played before the “Dobbie Brothers” performed. All the bans were good!

Okay, about all for now. Next Saturday I will be a volunteer at the John’s Pass Seafood Fest 2018 in Maidera Beach. I understand that this is the 2nd largest annual seafood fest on the east coast of the USA.

Doobie Brothers Stage Set Up

Photo earlier in the day of just one section of the event.

Hey Guys Whats For Dinner ?


Hey All

To continue my series of culinary blogs, I have solicited the help of some friends that I met on the road today as I was driving home from the gym.

This meal requires very little preparation and the ingredients are all natural and you eat it on short notice and when least expected.

The table setting only accommodates 4 at a time, so you must have good table manners and be willing to share your food with others that might be patiently waiting.

This meal is known as “Armadillo Road Kill” and no plates or utensils are required.

Warning: This video is not for the light-hearted and athough interesting, I wouldn’t recommend preparing this dish in your own kitchens !


P.S. Just drove by the Armadillo that the vulchers were dinning on yesterday. This is what’s left….Armadillo Shell and Bones….Would make a goid Armadillo Soup!!! LoL

The Ale and The Witch

Hey All,

To continue my series of activities I took part in this past Sunday after participating in the “It takes a Village” charitable event, my friend Katherine and I walked over to a place called “The Ale and The Witch” in downtown St Pete to meetup with other members of the Tampa Bay Adventures.

It was a warm afternoon and it was a welcome pleasure to sip on a couple of brews with friends and to listen to the live band that was playing there. One of the group members secured the upper balcony for us to meet at. It was a nice afternoon/early evening spent with friends.


Hey All,

On Sunday afternoon after completing my volunteer work in Saint Petersburg at the “It Takes A Village event” I walked about a mile with my friend Katherine (who is the main organizer of the Tampa Bay Adventurers) to another meetup event that was occuring in downtown Saint Petersburg. I will write about that other meetup tomorrow.

However, in the meantime while we were enroute to the other event, something caught my eye and I had to stop and take some photos. It was a small condo building that did such a clever job at advertising their building. The caption “People are Dying to Live Here” was so perfect and appropriate during the upcomming Halloween season. Their displays were first class in every respect!

I just had to stop and capture this great advertisement idea and all the cool Halloween displays, so that I could send them all to you all.

Enjoy !

The photo below is scary enough, but the Halloween ones are even more scarier!!

And my Mom “Stacia” from Salem Massachusetts thought she was the only last living witch. I proved her wrong…Now their are two living here in Florida!

A Tale of Two Feet & Michael

Hey All,

About 2 months ago, Beau and I has planned a trip to Ashville, North Carolina where we were going to stay at a mutual friend’s house along with several other friends. We were going to leave today (Monday, 10/15). My plan was to drive this past weekend to Beau’s house. We were then going to pick up our rental car on Sunday evening and then planned on leaving by 6 AM on Monday (today) for the 14 hour trip.

Beau had been there several times in the past, but I have never been to that part of North Carolina, which I have been told is very beautiful, especally at this time of year when all the leaves on the trees are changing color. We were also planning on attending several annual fall festivals and other on-going events in that area.

As you know, I still have a cast on my right foot due to a fractured foot which occurred while visiting my brother Randy and my Mom in the Fort Walton Beach area. I simply got off the couch and as I stood up to slip my feet into my sandles, the right one was a bit loose and my foot gave way and it twisted outward to inward and before I knew it I heard a crack and then my foot became very swollen. Because of the walking cast which I must wear for several more weeks, although I seem to be getting around pretty well, it would be a bit difficult for me to drive a long distance. Thus, Beau was planning on being the primary driver on our trip.

Now, here’s where it gets a bit interesting. Shortly after Beau and I returned home from our Las Vegas trip, Beau went to visit a friend in her local area. While she was there, she went to open up her friend’s refrigerator and as she did this, a glass jar on the door shelf which didn’t have a rail guard came toppling down on her right foot. Next minute she knew it, her left foot swelled up like a ballon and yes the end result was a left fractured foot which later required a walking cast just like mine! The problem is that Beau generally drives with her left foot due to some previous medical problems with her right one. Now we both are crippled!

We were still going to figure some way to drive up North for the trip to North Carolina, but then came Hurricaine “Michael” causing so much havoc to so many area besides its main impact in the panhandle of Florida. As Beau talked to our friend in North Carolina, due to all the heavy rains and high winds that occured there because of “Michael,” alot of tree limbs fell and many of the roadways leading to our friend’s place became damaged. Since his place is way up in the moutains and many of the roadways are unpaved this makes traveling there a bit dangerous.

Also because of these rains and high winds, a lot of the leaves have already fallen off the trees up there, so the foilage this year wasn’t that great we were told. Also many of the upcomming festivals and other activities in that area we heard may not occur as planned.

So because of our foot issues and because of what hurricaine “Michael” did to alot of the roadways along the east coast, we mutually agreed that it would best best to curtail our trip there. Safety first!

Oh well, there’s always next year!

Have a great day.

Giving Back To The Community…I Have A Mission!”

Hey All,

Great event I participated in yesterday to support many charitable organizations in the Saint Petersburg / Tampa area. The video and other photos I posted pretty much tell it all!

Have a great week.

How can you not want to help out these worthwhile organizations when you see a poster so impactful as this?

So glad I participated. It was a great way to learn about all the volunteer opportunities in the area and to get involved!