The Date Is Set

Hey All,

I had several medical appointments at the Veterans Hospital in Tampa this past Thursday, Oct 4 to discuss my on-going health issues.

The video I’ve included was taken in a small park adjacent to the VA hospital constructed there to honor our fallen heroes. Thought you would enjoy seeing it. Very tranquil setting.

Now concerning my health:

Dermatology: The two spots of cancerous growth that were taken out of my lower left leg about 2 1/2 months ago are almost healed. However, a new spot of concern was found on my right hand, so a biopsy was taken. Hope it turns out to be benign? Hate tp have another large hole there to have to heal for 3 to 4 months again. Also, ever since I was on the Vegas trip, I have had an irritation on my lips. Dermatologst is concerned it might be cancerous and has put me on a gel medication for three months in that area to see if it clears up. If it doesn’t it will lead to future more evasive procedures which won’t be fun. Time will tell?

Ortho: New xray of right foot was taken. Fracture still shows up. Doctor wants me to remain in cast for 5 more weeks for greater healing and stability. If I twist my leg again, especially while it is weak and healing and I re-injure it, unfirtunately, it will require surgery.

Rheumatology: Since the strength of my bones as seen on latest bone density test indicated a 6 % degradation since just one year ago, they put me back on a Fosemax regimine to hopefuuly stop the degradaion. Time will tell? Go back to them in mid December to evaluate progress.

Urology: The good news… no more Tuesday and Thursday painful injections in my sensitive area to reduce the internal scar tissue growth. The bad news is that medication used via injection has not helped. Will need to undergo a major operation (about 4 to 5 hours) to physically remove the internal growth. Operation takes a long time due to many nerves and vessels to be carefully moved around in that area to get at the scar tissue to remove it. There is also a risk of losing sensitivity and other manly functions for that area if complications develop. The surgery needs to be done to prevent future urinary problems from working properly since the scar tissue continues to grow. I was lucky to get this surgery scheduled for the Monday of Thanksgiving week as most folks don’t want to undergo surgery during the holidays. If I didn’t want that date, then I would have to wait until around Feb gor the operation. Best to just get it over with! Will remain overnight in hospital after that for one to two days. Full recovery will take at least 3 months at a minimum, even if operation goes well. I hope there are no complications and that life-changing events do not occur. Didn’t need this health issue right now as I continue to try to get socially active in the area and to make new friends. Oh well….no Turkey for me on Thanksgiving. Don’t think I will have a desire for it

I have to keep reminding myself that others have it worse and to be greatful for what I have, although things are not perfect. That’s life.

Take Care and have a great week.



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