Hey Guys Whats For Dinner ?


Hey All

To continue my series of culinary blogs, I have solicited the help of some friends that I met on the road today as I was driving home from the gym.

This meal requires very little preparation and the ingredients are all natural and you eat it on short notice and when least expected.

The table setting only accommodates 4 at a time, so you must have good table manners and be willing to share your food with others that might be patiently waiting.

This meal is known as “Armadillo Road Kill” and no plates or utensils are required.

Warning: This video is not for the light-hearted and athough interesting, I wouldn’t recommend preparing this dish in your own kitchens !


P.S. Just drove by the Armadillo that the vulchers were dinning on yesterday. This is what’s left….Armadillo Shell and Bones….Would make a goid Armadillo Soup!!! LoL

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