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Hey Everyone,

Hope you’ve had a good weekend.

I will continue my series on volunteering in the local community in this blog. On Saturday afternoon and evening I worked as a volunteer at the 39th annual Holiday Jazz Festival in Clearwater, FL.

This was a huge 4 day event. On Saturday they had over 100,000 people who attended. My photos don’t clearly depict how massive the crowds were, but it was impressive. Unfortunately, didn’t take alot of photos and videos at the fest as I forgot to charge up my phone before leaving home, so my battery died about midway thru the main show featuring the “Dobbie Brothers”.

I had a great volunteer job. I worked the hospitality VIP section where I assisted high paying attendees of where their reserved seats were and which way to go to get a drinks and food which was complementary and unlimited especially since most of these folks had VIP tickets costing over $ 1,000 per ticket. In my video, I briefly show you a portion of the VIP section earlier in the day before the crowds started pouring in. I forgot to take you to another section when I did that video to show you the Bistro section where all the fancy food was at.

What was good about my job is that I had the best views of the bands as I was right up front and close. Also, being in the VIP section, I didn’t have to use the portable toilets as I had use of the VIP bathroom backstage which was the same one thst the “Doobie Brothers” and other celebrities used. I almost got to seat Tom Cruise in the VIP section, right up front and center of the stage, but unfortunately he had to cancel out in the last minute. I was bummed. Tom Cruise recently bought a place here in Clearwater, Fl and I think primarily because the Church of Scientology has it’s headquarters here in Clearwater, Fl of which Tom Cruise is a very active member of that religious organization.

All in all a fun day and I felt good about helping out. Even got to meet and chat a few minutes with George Cretekos the current Mayor of Clearwater.

Working the VIP section with Katherine who started the Tampa Bay Adventurers group of which I am an active member.

Photo above is with my new friend Torrie who oversaw a section of the VIP section along with her husband Justin. A really nice couple. Torrie ironically is a reserve Army Officer who flies Blackhawk helicopters when she is on military duty. That was the same helicopter I flew when I was in the Army. What at coincidence.

Some other of my Tampa Bay Adventures group friends working the VIP bar.

Just a portion of the crowds earlier in the evening. You had to be there to appreciate the magnitude of attendees at this event.

I’m going to post a part 2 to this blog with just a portion of one of the songs the “Doobie Brothers” performed, just to give you an idea. There were also about 10 other bands that played before the “Dobbie Brothers” performed. All the bans were good!

Okay, about all for now. Next Saturday I will be a volunteer at the John’s Pass Seafood Fest 2018 in Maidera Beach. I understand that this is the 2nd largest annual seafood fest on the east coast of the USA.

Doobie Brothers Stage Set Up

Photo earlier in the day of just one section of the event.

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