I Continue To Be Cursed !!

Hey All,

Hate to be negative, but I have run into another new health hurdle.

On Sunday afternoon I felt some sensation and pain on the right side of my face. Thought it was nothing and would just go away.

I was wrong! By Wednesday mid morning my nose really swelled up severe pain transversed to the bone under my eye and subsequently into my head. The whole right side of my face felt like I was continuakly being stung by bees and my head and nose really hurt. Level 10 pain!!

So, I stumbled into my car (with my walking cast) and drove to the Emergency Room at the VA Hopital.

When I arrived there they did Cat Scan of my head as they thought I might be having a stroke.

Fortunately the images did not appear to indicate a stroke or other issue of concern in the cerebral area.

After being in the ER for several hours, the doctor felt that I was experiencing an aggressive bacterial infection in my skin that because of the swelling that was occurring if was affecting my nerves and thus the pain was radiating to other areas of my body, primarily in the my right eye bone, upper lip and cerebral area.

The doctor decided to put me on a strong antibiotic and for me to use warm compresses on my face and to apply lidocaine on my most problemaric areas to numb the pain.

Time will tell how long it will take for all the pain, swelling and discomfort to go away and for all the rashes that have developed on my skin to subside

So for me I am temporarily homebound and indoors on a beautiful day. No gym, bike-riding, relaxing outside or participating in meetups group activities for awhile.

I need this problem to go away so I can get an x-ray scheduled for Nov 7th to see if my right foot has healed so I can get rid of my walking boot cast, then to get the proceedure done on my right hand to remove the squamous cancer.

Then to be ready for my major surgery by the Urologist to occur on Monday, 11/19 (week of Thanksgiving) A lot to look forward to !!!

I’ll get through all these health issues somehow (I hope). Time will tell.

Luv Gary

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