MY “Pre and Post-Operative” Humor

Hey Folks,

Just a quick status of my health after my 3 1/2 hour surgery today..

I have no idea what’s actually “working or not”down there as yet as I’m all bandaged up like a mummy. Time will tell in due time how things went. What I do know now for sure is that the “Happy Drugs” are working just fine and I have an upbeat attitude (at least at the moment). This is evident in my “boggy blog”above where I am playing the role as a radio disc jockey. My other photos below also attest to good-working drugs.

My Photo Op as “The Virgin Mary II” praying for all my blogger friends.

My two new hairstyles above. Not sure which one I like best?

My version as a female arab.

My version as a sad male arab.

My version as a happy male arab. I like this look better.

If for some reason, I actually died on the operating table…..then as you can attest in the photo below, I must be in “Happy Ice Cream Heaven!” As a live person or a spirit (if I’m actually deceased) I sure know how to work those nurses to my favor!

I will blog more eventually about my health as my healing progresses and when I realize what functions if any may have changed down there as a result of my surgery. It will take some time naturally to assess my progress and determine my physical activity limitations. I know for sure bike-riding will definitely have to be curtailed for awhile. Don’t want to aggrevate anything. I know I will have to take things slowly for awhile. I Probably will be sore tomorrow after the heavy duty pain meds wear off, st o I might as well enjoy the buzz tonight while the going’s good.

Signing Off for now

Luv, Gary

P.S. Forgot to include my Pre-Operative photo shown below in my color-coordinated outfit. Interesting to note is that they gave me “yellow” socks! As you know, “yellow” was Terry’s favorite color. In all the previous operations and procedures that Terry had…the hospitals never seemed to have “yellow” socks in stock! I guess Terry performed his magic to make sure that they had “yellow” socks for me. I truly feel that this was a sign from Terry that his spirit was here with me today and he was watching down upon me throughout my operation and recovery.

Going Under The Knife On Monday

The day of recogning has come. I will be operated on tomorrow (Monday) for my chronic urology issues.

Hopefully the surgeon and the rest of his medical staff will use a smaller and cleaner set of surgical knives than the one shown in my attached photo!

I am the surgeon’s second case tomorrow to begin mid morning and to last several hours. I anticipate I will be staying overnight in the hospital after the surgery, but if they decide to release me to go home, I have a driver (from the RV park) identified to do that.

Not sure how I will feel after my surgery and how long it will take me to recover and if all my bodily functions in the urology area will remain in tact or if I will have any significant and permanent life-changing events in that area after surgery as they will be working carefully arround alot of nerves and vessels. I guess we will just see how things go in due time.

Since, I am not sure of my ultimate post-surgical condition, I am going to take the time now to wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Rest assured, if I recover sufficiently by Thursday, I will be joining about 40 friends from one of my meetups for a beautiful holiday dinner at a wonderful place in Saint Petersburg over-looking the bay. What could be better than that?

Yesterday evening, I went to a wonderful pre-holiday celebration with some of my meet-up friends. It was hosted by local artists in the Saint Petersburg area. They had great creative artwork on display in their studios. They also offered a nice music ensemble and had complementary hord d’oeuvres and wine and beer for us all. I am only including one photo here. Wish I took more photos last night but got pre-occupied taking everything in. Oh well.

I’ll end this post by attaching a photo of a beautiful (live) Thanksgiving Holiday Poisetta that I purchased yesterday. It is very unique. The petals are orange with a touch of yellow and the leaves are bronze, with a touch of gold sparkles. I really love it and placed it close to my warm and glowing fireplace in my RV. At least I’ll have something nice to look at while I recover at home over the next few days.

Luv, Gary

The Calm Before The Storm: 4+8+1+3

Hey All,

As you know from my medical update blog that I posted yesterday, I’m scheduled for my major urology surgery next Monday.

Thankfully this week, things have been relatively calm (no more new injuries) and I am recovering surprising well from my bike accident that occured a week ago from this past Saturday. Most of my cuts and bruises have healed. Also, my bacterial infection has pretty much cleared up and the spots on my face for the most have gone away except for a small spot on my nose that is getting better each day.

Since my accident 10 days ago I have surprising managed to do four 25 mile bike rides, have worked out at the gym 8 of the last 10 days, have felt comfortable to get out again and attend one meetup on this past Saturday (and plan to go to two other events this weekend) and I have managed to mow almost 3 acres of grass. I guess that’s not too bad for a guy that’s recovering from both a bacterial infection and a right broken foot and hand!

I continue to remain positive despite my medical setbacks, but will not let my injuries impede me from doing the activities that I love to do.

Below are just a few photos from the potluck meetup that I attended on this past Saturday. Lots of food and really nice people.

Surprisingly, there were more “Gary’s” than any other first names at this meetup!

I don’t know what the future holds for me in terms of my recovery after I have my surgery next week. However, I anticipate it will limit my activities for awhile due to the nature of what the surgeon has to do. So while the goings good, I’ve tried to be active again (within my comfort level) while it’s a bit calm again before the storm.

Have a great rest of your week.


Update on My Health Conditions

Hey All,

Attached is a photo of the Tampa Veterans Administration Hospital which has been my home away from home especially over these past few weeks.

As promised, I’m going to give you an update on my health conditions following all the medical appointments that I had on Wednesday, November 7th.

First appointment I had was with the Chief Nurse from the Urology Surgical Ward. The purpose of that visit was to get my pre-surgicsl paperwork so that I could get my blood work, EKG and chest x-ray completed as a requirement for my upcomming surgery scheduled for Monday, November 9th. The nurse was not that friendly.

When I walked in she saw the walking cast on my leg and other cast on my hand and pre-maturly said they would not be able to operate on me in this condition. She indicated that it would be hard for me to shower and to clean my incisions and to apply new dressings as required after my surgery. There also seemed to be some discrepancy in the meducal notes that did not indicate that I would be remaing overnight after my surgery. I told her that I didn’t have a designated driver and that the surgeon had told me at our last meeting that due to the complications of my surgery he was planning on having me admitted as an inpatient after the surgery. The nurse said she would clarify this with the surgeon (who us only there on Tuesdays and Thursdays) but that if I didn’t have a driver and if no room was available for that day the operation would have to be rescheduled. She then took her stethascope and listened to my heart and indicated that I had a heart murmur (a leak in one of my heart valves) and that the anesthisiologist might have problems with this. She said I should get an echocardiogram to see how serious the heart issue was. I was a bit upset with her lack of compassion, but I told her my waking cast was removable and that at this point the orthopedic surgeon said I should wear it when out and about or when transversing on unlevel surfaces, but when around the house, I could keep it off. The urology surgeon already knew this.

As for my hand, wrist and fingers, I told her these issues were being re-evaluated during my orthopedic appointment that mid morning, but to my knowledge no surgery on my hand would be required. I told her I would get back with her later that day after my other appointments. She then gave me my pre-op paperwork.

I then proceded to get my blood work, chest x-ray and EKG completed which was accomplished very efficiently and without any issues.

My ortho appointment was at 8:30 AM. The doctor was very nice and discussed with me my current foot and hand x-rays. He said that concerning my foot, that fracture was in a difficult place and it is very difficult for the bones to fuse together in a shirt time period. I injured that foot at my brother’s back on 9/11. Th doctir said it would take approximately one year for the bones to fuse together properly and that it is important for me to be very careful when walking on uneven surfaces, so that I don’t end up re-injuring my foot as it could eventually need surgery if I injure ut again. He said that he would have me continue to wear my boot (when out and about on longer walks or on uneven surfaces) and to use my judgment at other times. He would take another x-ray in about one month to evaluate progress. He was glad to hear that my foot was not hurting me when the cast was off while walking in my RV. He also said that riding my bike was okay and did not affect the healing of my foot. Concerning my hand and wrist. He said that the fractures I incured there were fortunately the easiet to heal. The orthopedic surgeon to my delight removed my splint that was orinally put on when I went to the emergency room and gave me a removable cast to wear which would allow me more flexibilty for showering and also give me greater ability to move my fingers which helps for me to do basic things easier. He said the stiches in my fingers would be removed next Wednesday (November 14th) at my next appointment and at that time he would take an x-ray of my hand, wrist and finger fractures again and give me a better game plan concerning the healing of these areas. He also said, from his perspective, he did not foresee any problems for me to undergo my urology operation next week.

I then returned back to the urology nurse and gave her an update on my fractures and remphasized that the ortho surgeon was not anticipating any surgical procedures on either of those area in the foreseable future. She seemed satisfied and told me that I would be getting a call on Thursday of this week as to what time to arrive on next Monday for my surgery.

My primary care appointment which was supposed to be at 10 Am was cancelled due to a family emergecy of my doctor. I re-scheduled it for November 14th right after my next Ortho appointment. My intent is for my physician to listen to my heart and if she detects heart murmurs, then I will have her schedule an electrocardiogram as a preventative measure. I personally do not think I have a heart problem as I have no chest pain or difficulty with breathing during or after exercising. However you can never be sure of underlying problems. My Dad’s side of family has a history of heart issues and many of my first cousins on that side died in their early 50’s. So why not check for sure.

My Dermatology appointment was supposed to be at 2 PM, but they were able to see me earlier since I was running ahead of schedule. Since I had the removable right hand cast they were able to remove the squamos cancerous growth discovered on that hand from the pathology report. As for my face issues, I’m doing much better. The dermatologist thankfully did not think any of the spots looked cancerous and I probably had a bout of cellulitus when I had issues a few weeks ago. He gave me a burn ointmemt to apply to those lesions and felt they would clear up in the next week or two, but to follow up again if things do not improve.

About all for now concerning my health update. I continue to remain optomistic and feel I’ll be good as new in due time. I just must be patient and realize my injuries could have been alot worse.

Luv, Gary

“Happy” Veterans Day ?

Hey All,

“Happy” Veterans Day. When I think about this special day it seems that the word “Happy” before the Veterans Day just doesn’t seem like the right word choice?

Veterans Day is a day to honor all our courageous Veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much while serving honorably in the military service. It is also a time ti reflect upon the many soldiers who have paid the “ultimate price” so that all of us can enjoy the freedoms and democracy that we are fortunate to enjoy in this great Country of ours.

Maybe a better word would be to replace “Happy” with the word “SALUTING”. I am very proud of all our wonderful Veterans, but it makes me sad (not happy) when I think of all those soldiers who have lost their lives while serving us and the tremendous impact that their loss have had on all their loving families.

On this official holiday known as Veterans Day, I “Salute” all the Men and Women, past and present, who have dedicated their lives to protect us all and to preserve the democratic ideals and freedoms that we all enjoy.

As I do every year and as Terry did for me in year’s past, I place Amercan Flags in front of my gardens to remind all citizens to Honor, Reflect and to Pray and to express gratitude to all our Veterans on this very special day.

Luv, Gary

Took A Break Today and Went to Look At Some RV’s for Future Consideration

Hey All,

Going to attach a few still photos here of a 32 foot Class A Recreational Vehicle that I looked at today with a neighbor from the MacDill RV Park.

Not necessarily trading in my current 5th wheel right now,but wanted to get an idea of some other RV’s for future reference. What I liked about this Class A was that it was only 32 feet in length (most Class A Rv’s are about 40 feet long). This one was very spacious and had two full bathrooms (which is rare) and the asking price was $ 101,000 which is much cheaper than most Class A’s that can run $300,000 and upwards.

I will send 3 other seperate blogs with videos entitled ” Fleetwood Flair Class A Recreational Vehicle (2019) Part 1, 2 and 3.” If interested watch the short videos I took and posted.

Ooops! One more accident on Thursday Afternoon for Me!

Hey All,

I think I’m going to buy stock in Johnson and Johnson, because their stock price is going to go sky rocket soon especially in ban-aide sales (because of me) as I’m going thru 2 or 3 boxes of band-aides per day these days!

You all know I can’t sit still even with all my ailments. This morning I went to the gym to do a light workout within my capabilities and this afternoon, I went out to cut my grass. I thought I’d be nice to my neighbors and do their lawns as well. I did 10 RV lot spaces, all the way back to the green belt (to the rear) equating to about 2 1/2 acres.

I was doing pretty well until I was backing up at one point while cutting the grass and tripped right over a cement block (I didn’t see) and ended up falling right on my rear. I end up getting 2 more addition cuts and scrapes (this time on my left leg). At least now cuts and scrapes are symmetrical (on both sides of my body) Luckily the fall didn’t hurt my existing fractures and it didn’t result in any more broken bones or require another ER visit, but there was alot of blood flowing!

Front side of my left leg

Back side of my lower leg.

One of my neighbors is a retired PA and he and is wife helped clean me up, gave me some antibiotic ointment and applied necessary dressings. Now I am good as new (while sort of?) relatively speaking.

At least my neighbors were appreciative and now our section of the RV park looks so well-manicured and is by far the best section in the RV park!

Of well? What can I say?

I guess tomorrow I’ll take a break and just lick my wounds!

Take Care..