Still Trying To Get Well

Hey All,

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’m still trying to get well. I have one more days worth of antibiotics to take and today I took a 2nd loading dose of anti-viral medication.

The sharp intense pains that were radiating from my nose and up the right side of my face to my eye and head seemed to have diminished. What I’m dealing with now is trying to get the sores on my face to go away. The one on my nose that was originally just a red bloth turned completely black. Last Friday I went back to the emergency room to express my concern to the doctor, but he said it would eventually go away. I’m not so sure? Other blotches have now formed above my upper lip and to the right of my nose and just below my right eye. Not sure if they will also turn black or just go away slowly on their own?

Other red blothes have formed on several other areas of my body as well. Not sure if they are just bruises, or reactions to the medication I’m taking or something else?

I have my pre-op next Wednesday, Nov 7th for my upcomming surgery that will occur on the Monday before Thankgiving. I expect to be in the hospital for a couple of days and then it will take about a month to recouperate from that operation.

On next Wednesday I will also be seeing my primary care doctor, my dermatogist, my orthopedic surgeon (right leg cast removal hopefully?) then my reumatologist and then my urologist to go over the details of my surgery. Hoping one of those doctors can figure out what to do with all the spots developing on my body, especially on the right side of my face.

I have been keeping pretty much to myself this past week and have canceled going to any meetups until this clears up. Hard to be very social when you’re sick. I tried covering my face with bandaides when I do have to go out, which is limited. Also, the weather has been beautiful mid to high 80’s and sunny, but can’t stay in the sun because the meds I’m taking make me sensitive to the sun.

Time will tell how much longer it will take to get better? In the meantime I am just trying to be patient and living my life as best I can.

Eventually I’ll begin blogging again, however for now don’t have much drive to write as one day seems to be the same as the day before. Not much too interesting to write about these days as I haven’t been out and about much.



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