What Is Happening To Me? 2017 & 2018 Have Not Been Good Years !

Hey All,

It’s 2 Am on Sunday morning and I’m in alot of pain and can’t sleep.

I just wrote a post on Saturday morning called …”Just Call Me Dorothy” where I described my trecherous bike ride through a Cat 1 tornado on Friday afternoon in Tampa where I eventually made it back to my home with only very minor injuries. Highly recommend you read that blog before this one.

Okay, so here goes… Saturday was such a beautiful day (no bad weather forcasted for Tampa). My plans were to go to the gym in the morning and then after doing a few errands, I was planning on doing my daily 25 mile bike ride along Bayshore Blvd from MacDill Airforce Base that afternoon.

These physical activities have been my only joys these days as I haven’t felt comfortable going out socially with my meetup groups right now due to my recent health issues and slow recovery from my recent baterial and viral infection that has caused physical issues affecting the right side of my face. You can read those previous blogs “I continue To Be Cursed” and “Still Trying To Get Well” for more details on that health issue.

Okay…so now back to my bike ride ordeal on Saturday afternoon. Overall, my bike ride yesterday was very enjoyable and I peddled safefly and without incident from and back to the airbase. Okay …now here is where all hell broke loose. When I was peddling back to the base, the normal enterance gate I come thru was closed due to some on-going construction, so I had to detour thru an alternative gate. After going thru the gate, my plans were to peddle accross a major road and then head home about 2 to 3 miles away. There were a couple of cement posts with a narrow opening where I could pass thru, but I thought I would just peddle to the right of it where the distance between the poles was greater. Never did I realize that there was a heavy metal cable between those 2 poles. I crashed right into this wire cable with a fearse inpact and it twisted the front end on my bike and my body body was thrown right onto the cable and partially on the busy street. I was shocked as I didn’t at first realize what just happened? When I managed to get up I realized that my right hand and figures were badly injured and sore and I was bleeding all over my body. I immediately got the attention of the gate guards who called 911. In about 5 minutes 2 fire engines, 2 ambulances and 3 military police cars showed up. I had quite a team arrive there which was probably a bit overkill, but comforting at the same time.

The medical teams began to access my injuries and then cleaned all my wounds and temporatily bandaged me up. The people on base are not equipped to do x-rays or stiches, so after I am stabilized I have to contact another offsite ambulance service to take me from the base to the nearest ER or I could just drive myself to the ER at the Tampa Va and get further treatment there. I chose to drive to the VA since I get all my care there and when I arrive to the Va since I’m already in their system there is no major administratuve bottleneck to go through.

When I arrived to the VA, they immediately triaged me and ordered 28 x-rays to be done on my right fingers, hand and wrist, right foot (that already has a fracture on it that has been healing over the past several weeks). They also wanted to do x-rays on my left femur and left knee (which has already undergone 2 previous knee replacements).

In the meantime, the ER nurse began to clean and scrub my lacerations and to cover all them with dressings. I guess at this point I might as well show you my lacerations…

Right hand and finger.

Left arm

Right arm.

Left thigh.

Right index finger. That was being prepped for stitches.

Okay…x-ray results came back and were evaluated and indicated mutiple feactures and displacements in my right hand and fingers. My right foot with my previous fracture is not healing well and doctor has to consult with ortho surgeon next week to consider possible surgery or just extended wearing of my walking cast.

My left femur only has muscle brusing and lacerations that will heal over time and thank god no noticeable injuries to my left kbee where I have already had 2 previous knee replacements.

So what they did…They put stiches in the deep cut in my index finger and then splinted my right hand. This is temporary for about 1 1/2 weeks until my swelling goes down. I’ll then have to return back to them to get a permanent form-fitted cast to be worn on that hand for 8-12 weeks.

I didn’t think until this morning that with my my right hand in a cast, the dermatologist will have to wait to surgically remove the squamos cancerous cells that were found on a recent biopsy in that area. It was supposed to be removed this Wednesday. I hope delaying that cancerous removal won’t be an issue.

I also have appointments with my primary care doctor, dermatologist, orthopedic surgeon and urologist and rheumatologist on this comming Wednesday where we have to address the blaxk spot areas on my face that have appeared from my most recent previous illiness that don’t seem to want to go away, but more importantly I have to discuss my upcomming major urology surgery to occur on the Monday before Thanksgiving. The Docs in the ER don’t think what happened to me yesterday will cause that operation to be postponed and I know it has to happen soon as things in that area are becomming more problematic, so we will see?

Okay got to end this post here. Reality is sinking in. I have got to figure out how I’m now going to handle my daily functions with no use of right hand and to continue wearing my right walking boot on my foot. How will I shower, shave, eat, wash dishes and clothes, change dressings on my left arm and thigh? How will I write, type (have been doing this long blog for last 5 hours with one fingure on left hand). I normally write with my right hand. I don’t know how easy it is going to be for me to dress, put on my shoes and put on my walking boot and tighten it properly. The straps need to be tightened to the right. Even driving my truck is questionable. These are all real concerns. I wish Terry was still here and in good health like in years past where he could help me through all this like he used to do on my past major surgeries. We were a team and used to help each other out. I guess due to his passing his spirit will have to keep me strong this time as well as you my family and friends.

Luv Gary

10 thoughts on “What Is Happening To Me? 2017 & 2018 Have Not Been Good Years !

  1. Oh Gary! So sorry to hear about what happened! You are trying so hard to be healthy and active. Don’t give up! You are an inspiration! Get well and keep glowing that bright light you shine on all of us! Hugs from Mars! ❤


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