A Nice Surprise Today

Hey All,

This morning after doing a light workout at the gym, I stopped by The Health Promtions Office (also located in the same facility) to say hi to my friend Susan.

Susan was the nice lady that has been so gracious to loan me the mountain bike that I have really enjoyed riding along Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa until of course my recent and unfortunate accident! Susan is a dietician there, but she had been performing dual roles as the Director of that Office after the former Director retired a few months ago and until the new permanent Director arrived.

I have been very grateful to Susan for allowing me the use of the bike and for letting me hold on to it at my RV spot rather to sign it out and then back in each day. This has been so much easier for me to have it handy and to have the flexibility to ride it when I want.

Several months ago I brought Susan a nice plant and presented her with a thank you note to express my appreciation to her.

Shortly after returning back to MacDill AFB in late September and after getting the bike from Susan again, I went ahead and composed a nice letter that I submitted to her new boss and her new boss’s next supervisor. It expressed the outstanding job that I felt Susan did performing her dual roles as a dietician while simultaniously performing duties as acting Director. I expressed how compationate Susan was in helping others and providing such excellent customer service. A copy of my letter is attached. Sorry a bit hard to read as I took a picture of it. You might have to enlarge the view if you care to read it.

Today when I walked into Susan’s office just to say hi and to my surprise she presented me with a beautiful plant and a nice get well card.

Susan wrote a little poem inside the card to me which was so thoughtful (and a bit funny, but si appropriate) so I am going to include a copy of her note below:

” Dear Gary,

You broke you hand while riding your bike one day.

I hope you heal fast to ride once again along the bay.

But for future rides truth be told

Keep your eyes peeled and stay on the road! ”

What a thoughtful person to think about me and my welfare. It made my day!

P.S. Over the next day or two, I’ll write a blog with an update on my health after visiting with all my doctors at the VA yesterday (Wednesday)

Have a great rest of your week.

Luv, Gary

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