Ooops! One more accident on Thursday Afternoon for Me!

Hey All,

I think I’m going to buy stock in Johnson and Johnson, because their stock price is going to go sky rocket soon especially in ban-aide sales (because of me) as I’m going thru 2 or 3 boxes of band-aides per day these days!

You all know I can’t sit still even with all my ailments. This morning I went to the gym to do a light workout within my capabilities and this afternoon, I went out to cut my grass. I thought I’d be nice to my neighbors and do their lawns as well. I did 10 RV lot spaces, all the way back to the green belt (to the rear) equating to about 2 1/2 acres.

I was doing pretty well until I was backing up at one point while cutting the grass and tripped right over a cement block (I didn’t see) and ended up falling right on my rear. I end up getting 2 more addition cuts and scrapes (this time on my left leg). At least now cuts and scrapes are symmetrical (on both sides of my body) Luckily the fall didn’t hurt my existing fractures and it didn’t result in any more broken bones or require another ER visit, but there was alot of blood flowing!

Front side of my left leg

Back side of my lower leg.

One of my neighbors is a retired PA and he and is wife helped clean me up, gave me some antibiotic ointment and applied necessary dressings. Now I am good as new (while sort of?) relatively speaking.

At least my neighbors were appreciative and now our section of the RV park looks so well-manicured and is by far the best section in the RV park!

Of well? What can I say?

I guess tomorrow I’ll take a break and just lick my wounds!

Take Care..


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