Going Under The Knife On Monday


The day of recogning has come. I will be operated on tomorrow (Monday) for my chronic urology issues.

Hopefully the surgeon and the rest of his medical staff will use a smaller and cleaner set of surgical knives than the one shown in my attached photo!

I am the surgeon’s second case tomorrow to begin mid morning and to last several hours. I anticipate I will be staying overnight in the hospital after the surgery, but if they decide to release me to go home, I have a driver (from the RV park) identified to do that.

Not sure how I will feel after my surgery and how long it will take me to recover and if all my bodily functions in the urology area will remain in tact or if I will have any significant and permanent life-changing events in that area after surgery as they will be working carefully arround alot of nerves and vessels. I guess we will just see how things go in due time.

Since, I am not sure of my ultimate post-surgical condition, I am going to take the time now to wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Rest assured, if I recover sufficiently by Thursday, I will be joining about 40 friends from one of my meetups for a beautiful holiday dinner at a wonderful place in Saint Petersburg over-looking the bay. What could be better than that?

Yesterday evening, I went to a wonderful pre-holiday celebration with some of my meet-up friends. It was hosted by local artists in the Saint Petersburg area. They had great creative artwork on display in their studios. They also offered a nice music ensemble and had complementary hord d’oeuvres and wine and beer for us all. I am only including one photo here. Wish I took more photos last night but got pre-occupied taking everything in. Oh well.

I’ll end this post by attaching a photo of a beautiful (live) Thanksgiving Holiday Poisetta that I purchased yesterday. It is very unique. The petals are orange with a touch of yellow and the leaves are bronze, with a touch of gold sparkles. I really love it and placed it close to my warm and glowing fireplace in my RV. At least I’ll have something nice to look at while I recover at home over the next few days.

Luv, Gary

12 thoughts on “Going Under The Knife On Monday

  1. I wish I could pick you up, drive you home and make you something lovely, comforting and delicious to eat, fetch you a blanket, bring you a magazine and water your gorgeous poinsettia. Know that my thoughts are with you and keep us informed when you are able. Much love Gary xx

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  2. I hope things go well. Mike and I will be at the VA in the next week or so when he gets his stint out after a painful kidney stone and time spent in the emergency room. I believe it will happen the first week of December. It is always nice to have a good friend or mate with you! Take care.


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