MY “Pre and Post-Operative” Humor

Hey Folks,

Just a quick status of my health after my 3 1/2 hour surgery today..

I have no idea what’s actually “working or not”down there as yet as I’m all bandaged up like a mummy. Time will tell in due time how things went. What I do know now for sure is that the “Happy Drugs” are working just fine and I have an upbeat attitude (at least at the moment). This is evident in my “boggy blog”above where I am playing the role as a radio disc jockey. My other photos below also attest to good-working drugs.

My Photo Op as “The Virgin Mary II” praying for all my blogger friends.

My two new hairstyles above. Not sure which one I like best?

My version as a female arab.

My version as a sad male arab.

My version as a happy male arab. I like this look better.

If for some reason, I actually died on the operating table…..then as you can attest in the photo below, I must be in “Happy Ice Cream Heaven!” As a live person or a spirit (if I’m actually deceased) I sure know how to work those nurses to my favor!

I will blog more eventually about my health as my healing progresses and when I realize what functions if any may have changed down there as a result of my surgery. It will take some time naturally to assess my progress and determine my physical activity limitations. I know for sure bike-riding will definitely have to be curtailed for awhile. Don’t want to aggrevate anything. I know I will have to take things slowly for awhile. I Probably will be sore tomorrow after the heavy duty pain meds wear off, st o I might as well enjoy the buzz tonight while the going’s good.

Signing Off for now

Luv, Gary

P.S. Forgot to include my Pre-Operative photo shown below in my color-coordinated outfit. Interesting to note is that they gave me “yellow” socks! As you know, “yellow” was Terry’s favorite color. In all the previous operations and procedures that Terry had…the hospitals never seemed to have “yellow” socks in stock! I guess Terry performed his magic to make sure that they had “yellow” socks for me. I truly feel that this was a sign from Terry that his spirit was here with me today and he was watching down upon me throughout my operation and recovery.

25 thoughts on “MY “Pre and Post-Operative” Humor

  1. Dear Gary, the fact that you are cracking post-op jokes attests more to your amazing attitude, than to “happy drugs.” I am so glad to see your smiling face (in various disguises) and your yellow socks!
    I wish you speedy recovery and pray for you every day!


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