“Sanding Ovations” in Treaure Island, Florida


Hey All,

On this past Sunday, the day before my surgery, I did volunteer work at the annual “Sanding Ovations” celebration in Treasure Island, Florida. This event has become a popular event that has attracted the best of the best Sand Scupturers from all over the world to participate in this remarkabke event. Treasure Island, FL has become known as the sand scupturing capital of the world. There was also a lot of live entertainment, a great variety of food and many venders who also participated in this fun-filled event.

My job was to act as lead support coordinator to assist all the bands providing the entertainment. I was responsible for ensuring availability for accessible VIP parking, assisting with equipment set-up and ensuring that complimentary food and beverages were readily available for the entertainers.

I must admit, voluntering for this position provided me with some special benefits. I got to park free in VIP parking right up front and close to the main band stage on the beach verses having to park a mile away and pay $ 20 for parking. I got to meet and great members of all the bands. I got a free festival tee shirt. I was able to eat plenty of complimentory pizza and chicken wings and had cold drinks readily acessible to me and naturally I got to enjoy all the bands up and close.

Immediately following my volunteer work at about 3 PM, I had an opportunity to link up with my Tampa Bay Aventurers group to enjoy the rest of the festival with them for awhile.

The photos I’m including below attest to the remarkle work done by the sand sculpturers. I am just including a hand-full of them to give you an idea of the creativity and detail work of the artists.

Check out whats in the middle of this sculpture above.

Love this sign! Better than the standard ones that say “Do not Litter”

P.S. Will give you an update on my health status in a few days after I have a chance to let all the major swelling to go down which is still pretty significant “down and under”. I feel like a prisioner right now chained to a large prision ball with the chain attached to a different appendage other than to my leg! This is probably the best way to describe my current condition!


Definitely not as peppy and cheery as I was in my former Pics and my “Disc Jockey” video in the hospital just after my surgery when my heavy pain meds were working to keep me very happy and free of feeling any pain at lrast for awhile.

Have a great Thanksgiving today everyone.

Luv, Gary

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