Thanksgiving Day Dinner By The Beach

Good Morning All,

Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends.

Although I have alot of swelling and discomfort going on as a result of my recent urology surgery, I did manage to convince myself to get out for awhile today for Thanksgiving Day Dinner with friends. I used alot of dressings and support to minimize any movement in my sensitive surgical areas. I am now back home to relax and to keep my lower extremities elevated. Plan to just rest the remainder of this weekend and hope that the swelling begins to subside.

Had a really nice dinner today at Mangos Restaurant and Tiki Nar at the Doubletree Hotel in North Redington Beach, Florida (whick over looks the Gulf of Mexico). The place was about a 50 minute drive from my RV spot on MacDill AFB in Tampa. We had about 45 people in attendance and the food was delicious, the weather perfect (about 72 degrees) and the company cordial.

The girl with me in this picture is Katherine. She is the leader of the Tampa Bay Adventurers group and since the organization is so large and diverse in the activities it organizes, she has about 15 sub hosts to assist her with coordinating so many of the other fun events for members to participate in and enjoy. I would say that this group on average posts at least 10 different activities each week (so needless to say you have alot to choose from)!

As you can see I wasn’t the only invalid in attendance! Actually this guy sat next to me at my table and after chatting with him a bit, foind out he grew up about 10 miles from where I did in Massachusetts.

Only justva part of our group today that I could get to go outside for a group photo. The rest were still inside chatting or busy settling their dinner bills.

Look at the Beach Views ! Sorry for those northerners feeling the deep one digit temperatures today! It is gets down to the mid 60’s here everyone begins complaining and says it’s freezing. Luckily today was in the low 70’s and pleasant.

Photo of me with Katherine the leader of our group and my friend Grant from Australia who is alot of fun. Sometimes in the summer months I would accompany Grant in his motor boat on the Gulf along with a group of other friends from this organization. We would have such a nice time.

Gary (left) + Grant (right) = Gary Grant (actual full name of the guy in the middle). I took this photo and then realized later that the guy in the middle had a part of both of our names. How funny!

Check out my plate of food. This was my second helping (since we had a huge buffet) and this was before I got my big plate of desserts of couse!

A toast by our gracious host Katherine to give thanks for all the wonderful friendships we have in the Tampa Bay Adventurers Meetup Group.

I guess this officially starts the holiday season. My hope is that this season is wonderful for all my fellow bloggers and their families. I have a full schedule of Holiday activities that I plan to participate in over the next several weeks, provided that I am able to still go. Alot will depend on my daily health condition as this extensive surgery that I just had will take several months to recover from and I know some days will be better than others as I continue to heal. It is important that I try not to overdo it and to allow suffient tome to relax as necessary. It is critical that heal properly and have not ser backs so I can eventally get back to my normal activities, provided NO MORE SELF INDUCED MISHAPS!! PLEASE PRAY FOR ME FOR NO MORE INJURIES!!!!

Luv, Gary

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